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  2. Heavymentill

    The Big Chill

    Read much? Not claustrophobic, but don't feel I should have to share my seat with some fat slob. Sorry the little numbers on the bench don't prevent huge asses from coming onto the seat I paid for.
  3. Heavymentill

    The Big Chill

    Been to many football games? You've obviously never had the privilege of having large humans in your row. Add winter gear and I'll bet you have to shoe horn yourself into "your" seat. I've been to games where my girlfriend had to sit on my lap, and I wasn't sitting in the student section. Great. The big house has the record, but at what cost. READ THE COMMENTS
  4. Heavymentill

    The Big Chill

    It's gonna be a cram fest. I bought extra tickets for that reason. BIG HOUSE SMALL SEATS
  5. Heavymentill

    Music at the Joe

    It was good to hear some change. Not sayin it was all good, but has it ever been all good? Every time I hear Billy Joel's "one two one two three four" I want to punch a baby. I get it we scored 4 goals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Hb1jwCv64
  6. Heavymentill

    Kopecky is Currently a Point Per Game Player

    This guy comes to mind.
  7. Heavymentill

    Getflaf for Zetter

    Letsgowings.com where delusion is the drug of choice.
  8. Heavymentill

    Who is this announcer?

    Urban dictionary - Chris Cuthbert
  9. Heavymentill

    New nickname

    How about somebody call him a dentist.
  10. Heavymentill

    I'm a big fan

    Hey OP I bet you are a few games away from jumping on the Blackhawks bandwagon. In all honesty we need a bad season to drop the frauds such as yourself "BIG FAN"
  11. Heavymentill

    Do you think we can win

    I would love to see the Wings pick up Tootoo. This is one tough dude, he gets in more fights in a week than all the Wings as a team did last season. Look up "Tootoo fights" on youtube, there is alot to watch. Talent doesn't do much for you if you get a cheap shot that knocks you out of the game. We need an enforcer!
  12. Heavymentill

    Sorry to say but....

    Lebron James...... enough said.