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  1. GDT

    I believe you should get no points for losing in OT, but one if you lose in a shootout
  2. GDT

    Plus going by this we should give back our 23 game home winning streak last year
  3. GDT

    Well that sucks
  4. GDT

    Fitting that these two goalies will go at it in a shootout. I hate the streak is continuing but these teams deserve a point the way they played
  5. GDT

    Too many Hawks sweaters in the Joe for my liking. Need to put some of them in line
  6. GDT

    Man the streak continues
  7. GDT

  8. GDT

    Have to say he's the greatest 23rd round pick of all time in Fantasy Hockey. I'm impressed with how much he has improved as fast as he has
  9. GDT

    Haha the fact that I've been standing most of the game instead of sitting in my recliner affirms this
  10. GDT

    Franzen is getting a little more aggressive. But wow Brunner is just so good
  11. GDT

    GMR I need Flip back because he was my final round fantasy hockey pick and also he's a damn good puck handler. Just can't shoot
  12. GDT

  13. GDT

    What he's not terrible. Big guy who uses his body somewhat well, while having good hands. Granted he's not what he was in 2002-2003 but he's still a 40-50 point player
  14. GDT

    Gosh I miss Flippula and Bertuzzi. I like Cleary but he's just outmatched