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  2. NHL Shop

    Unfortunately I can't buy anything, because I don't have a credit card. I'm sad.
  3. Here five teams planed to set up their own league with Swedish and/or Russian teams. I don't know what happened, only that SM-league didn't like that.
  4. Happy B-Day Pavel Datsyuk!

    Happy birthday, Pav!
  5. Team Russia

    Our enemy Well, I like Sweden. They have good chances to success.
  6. Team Russia

    That would be very nice And I have to admit that I believe that Finland is not going to success. And I support more USA/Canada than our neighbour Russia.
  7. Jason Williams Close To 1 Year Deal

    I remember when Jason played here in Finland (2004-05). He was good and everyone here loved him. He was the team's driving force and maybe the best player. Many people here are still today talking about that they want Jason back here to play. I was thinking the same way a few years ago. But I'm not so sure do I want him to Detroit to play. He has had some injuries?
  8. Thread on Leino

    Yes, and I really hope that. He just complains that he wanna play in NHL, not AHL. I can sent those tapes to you if you understand finnish.
  9. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Thanks. Haha. I think it's great. They can show their skills in the worlds best league. Those players are doing every day their best and dreaming to get to the NHL. For example Teemu Selänne. Wow. He has left here in Pori to the NHL but he was in other SM-leagues team before he came there. I have to say that I'm just a proud of those guys.
  10. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Well, i'm not talking to her. My sister likes also Red Wings but I'm not interested in Penguins. But I have to admit that I sometimes look Islanders or Bridgeports games results. Because of J.Joensuu. He has always played in my favourite team (Porin Ässät) here in Finland before he went to Sound Tigers. But I don't like at all Islanders/Bridgeport. Only Because of Jesse. But there's just a one team for me, and it is Red Wings.
  11. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    I had the courage to join today (I think I can't speak so good English that you would understand me) But thank you! Excellent taste really. Especially if you know that my sister likes Pittsburgh Penguins.
  12. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Perfect. Sounds really good. I have been waiting for this. The only bad thing is that I can watch the game only when somebody puts it over the internet. But if there's going to happend something bad or some finnish player is going to scored or something like that, then I see it on TV.
  13. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Really?? Tell me more! Cause I just have to follow Leagues websites.
  14. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Thanks. I have followed Valtteri's and Ville's (Leino) games already when they played here in Finland. But actually I wasn't fan of their teams here. Go Wings!
  15. WCQF GAME 2 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Waiting for Valtteri's goal...
  16. Thread on Leino

    Ville said that he leaves back to Finland if he must play in AHL. I think I have read the same news than you but all in finnish. ( I live in Finland)