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  1. Kronwall

    I thought i remembered seeing him almost light up some phoenix guy who barely jumped out of the way in time. I seem to remember seeing him just streak across the screen by the dude in the usual spot, a bit inside the offensive blueline. Kronwall was always an opportunistic hitter. He's not a Doan who just tries to run people through the boards whenever he can, he waits until the perfect moment. Maybe it just hasn't presented itself yet?
  2. Ovi's postgame

    I will never be persuaded that anybody being critical of this interview has ever played and lost a meaningful game in their life. Those few minutes had to have been a nightmare with all those ******* mics in his face.
  3. History will be made

    hahaha this one is the best idea.
  4. 4/14 Other Playoff Games

    4-2 Sens because apparently nobody believes Crosby can defend himself.
  5. 4/14 Other Playoff Games

    Needs moar goalhorn.
  6. Chicago gets Nashville

    This game was huge for the hawks. With 2 points they would have faced Colorado and probably would have ran them through the ice and instead they get a very tough and frustrating nashville. Just another reason to be pumped about the win!
  7. 3/30 GDT: Other Games

    Man, with us gaining so much ground on Chicago, just imagine if we had managed to win a few more shootouts over the year. It would really start getting fun then.
  8. The Best Hockey Commercials

    Ha, the audio somebody apparently dubbed into that was great. "So Danny, what's your favorite food to get?" "Yeah, ya know, f***in' burritos 'n' s***." But those Bruins ones with that goofy bear mascot of theirs were always pretty awesome.
  9. Doc Emrick's call of Kesler's game ender

    I think Doc is great. I don't agree with what somebody said earlier in that he has bad with keeping up with the play. I think he is great at finding ways to constantly describe what is going on without stopping. He never seems to get tongue tied. I also love how you can genuinely tell how much he loves what he is doing. I think it's funny how after a particularly intense sequence, sometimes he seems overwhelmed or something. The goalie will finally freeze it and and doc will just kinda chuckle and go "oohhh myy..."
  10. If you can't beat them on the scoreboard...

    The writer of this article either never played hockey or is trying to get a public reaction to his work. "Disturbing"? That quote about testosterone is rediculous too. We all used to locker box and it was great. Bantams-Midgets was the climax of every one's locker boxing career and every one had a good time.
  11. wings affect on everyday life

    Starting last season, i started watching almost every regular season game I could. I would be in class and i would be looking forward to watching the wings so much. I would go grab an Arnold Palmer from the 7/11 down the street and go up into my dorm room and watch the wings. Soon, even the regular season games meant something to me and i was always bummed out when we would lose. Playoffs are really intense. A couple years back when we lost that triple OT to the pens in game 5 i was so pissed i whipped my wallet at the wall and s*** went flying out. Only time i remember taking out my anger/disappointment in a physical way. I have only 1 other friend who is into it as I am. When we don't go to the bar or something we sit at home on AIM and go back and forth about what is happening in the game. Other than that, most of my friends don't watch or care about hockey. It kinda sucks when something really awesome/s***ty happens and i want to talk or tell somebody about it. I was texting a ladyfriend of mine recently and i was talking about something and it was like "blahblahblahblah, but the wings won tonight!" and her response was "blahblahblahlblah. and i don't care about the poop wings." But fans are weird. My first team will always be MSU hockey and I've been going my entire life and when Abdelkader scored the GWG with 18.9 left back in 2007, i freaked out harder than i have in my entire life and cried a little bit. I never remember a time in my life where for a single moment i was nearly that ecstatic.
  12. 2010 Alaska Nanooks Intro

    holy crap that is incredible. They had one a few years back that was totally hilarious and embarrassing and really made its way around the college hockey community and i get the feeling that here, they actually embraced that rather than make something serious and badass this time. When they went into the fighter jets, i totally lol'd right here in the physics building here at MSU.
  13. 1/23 GDT: Kings 3 at Red Wings 2

    Lillypads!?!?!? I hardly post here and i follow all the GDT but i had to comment here.
  14. 1/12 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Islanders 6

    I rarely post on here but i haven't been able to watch many of these games so this is disappointing. I wasn't too pissed off after the Chicago games because we just couldn't skate with the lineup we had against them but tonight we are just getting outworked and outplayed. Poor, poor performance so far. I think we will pick it up and start taking the play to them but i fear that is when we will run into the familiar never able to score a ******* goal no matter what we throw at them.
  15. Advertising on jerseys

    No, i would be embarrassed for the NHL. I am already embarrassed every time the Call Sam Studios pops on. And teams like the Wings have too much pride and tradition in their sweaters to turn them into a billboard.