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  1. Anaheim Preview

    I hope you get beer poured on your head.
  2. Anaheim Preview

    I suppose you're the goof that always wears his Wings jersey to the Duck games, huh?
  3. Anaheim Preview

    Why don't you just shut up. Allducks is calling.
  4. Anaheim Preview

    Holy crap, this could be the stupidest statement ever made. San SoGay literally had twice the amount of grade A scoring chances in this series and Hiller must have made 15 to 16 a game. Stick to homing the Wings and let the people that understand the game communicate in this thread.
  5. Anaheim Preview

    That's a Swiss trait numbnuts. The Swiss like to make things appear difficult, but in fact it's very easy for them. Example Swiss Army Knife. Wow you're not very smart.
  6. Getzlaf vs. Thornton

    I know seriously, Thorton is nowhere near the category as Getlaf. Hazy rules though.
  7. Anaheim Preview

    Duck win this one in three. Parros injures several Wings in game one and Ryan with 3 in the first game disney.com home of the next Stanley Cup Champion
  8. what ever happened to js giguere?

    Who cares Jonas Hiller is who the Wings need to worry about