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  1. RT @amjoyshow: .@MALCOLMNANCE: Every single person in WH needs to have their security clearance pulled NOW. RETWEET 2 AGREE #AMJoy https://…

  2. RT @griffinshockey: The man from Game 3. ????#FINishSJ #GoGRG https://t.co/5tF0NEnpdB

  3. RT @Jasonpar: @wingingitmotown hockey fans are the best lol #PaintTheJoe https://t.co/4eiTMn9hO9

  4. RT @CecileRichards: When women aren't at the table, we're on the menu. https://t.co/pEVjxZWr9I

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  6. @KenHaddad SHAME!

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  8. RT @tedlieu: "President" @realDonaldTrump threatens to hurt the lives of Americans out of spite. Retweet if this makes you angry. https://t…

  9. RT @tvnewzguy: Yup. Makes perfect sense--at least to me. Time for Ken Holland to move to adviser role. Let Yzerman do the "fix" https://t.c…

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  11. RT @RedWingsBR: Happy St. McCarty Day. #Bloodbath #March26 https://t.co/bDVcLVDZOQ

  12. RT @HeleneStJames: More fighting! Anthony Mantha and Greg McKegg. Quick one. McKegg rubbed out Larkin, Mantha made McKegg pay.

  13. Do you wear makeup? Join me at @ipsy https://t.co/xYbl3MIaOy

  14. RT @IorettaIynch: I want either Sally Yates or Preet Bharara to be named as special prosecutor to investigate #TrumpRussia ties! RETWEET…

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