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  1. Draft Talk

    the thing about Biggs is he had an absolutely terrible U-18s. While he's big and tough, there are doubts about his overall hockey sense and projected skill level. A lot of scouts are starting to believe that he might only be a 3rd liner at the NHL level. and as for Zibanejad and Landeskog, man, I wish. Those two will be looong gone by the Wings' pick. I'm holding out for one of Brodin or Klefbom, but I don't know if even they will be there.
  2. Some possible NEEDED changes in the Offseason

    I agree with your points, but those trades are just awful. Highway robbery (in the Wings' favor) on all of 'em. Letting Bogosian or Stewart go for such a crappy return would be reason enough to fire that GM.
  3. Sports Illustrated article on Datsyuk

    May 2nd? Whoa. This article is from the future...
  4. Detroit signs Nyquist

    I'm not sure how to embed video here, but here is some video of him.
  5. Detroit signs Nyquist

    He's Zetterberg without the elite hockey sense or defense, but with better wheels. He seems to get a lot of breakaways at the college level. He was really a fantastic offensive guy at the college level, basically being Maine's franchise guy for the last 2 years. He should have won the Hobey last year, but Geoffrion's senior status put him over the top. Nyquist was the best player in college hockey by a long shot that year. He probably won't be a first line type guy, but he could be a damn good 2nd liner. I could see him playing well with Tatar.
  6. 10/28 GD: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 2

    Ekman-Larsson is going to be a good one for Phoenix. Kid is 19 going on 30 defensively.
  7. 10/28 GD: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 2

    Nobody can say that Mickey is a biased commentator. He sounds like a Coyotes color guy tonight.
  8. 10/28 GD: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 2

    Man, how quickly we forgot. Ericsson makes Kindl look like Lidstrom.
  9. The Todd

    He became a setup guy primarily right after the lockout. His game was always about holding off defensemen while driving to the net, and they started calling that. Of course, they don't call it anymore, so he could start again...
  10. Kindl looking good

    He played better tonight than I've seen Ericsson play since his first playoff.
  11. 10/1 Pre-season GDT: Toronto Maple Leafs at Red Wings

    Mursak and Helm together would be just silly. So much speed.
  12. Gustav Nyquist

    He looks like the lovechild of Yzerman and Zetterberg.
  13. Who do and did you hate more?

    Hawks and Pens. I hate the "lol, we're a dynasty now!" comments just because they won a single cup. They both seem to think they're the new Detroit, when in reality they're the new Anaheim and will be retooling before they know it...
  14. The Tomas Tatar Fan Club (and nickname) is born

    his nickname is Tommy Potatoes. like an italian mobster.
  15. Steroids in Hockey

    How you are on the roids is more a function of how you train. Bonds was mostly concerned with hitting home runs, and with his media visibility on the issue, it's easy to associate a steroid user with a big, bulky guy. But at the same time, all of the guys in the Tour De France are on roids, HGH, etc. Most olympic-level sprinters are. Running backs, wide receivers, etc. It doesn't reduce your agility itself, it's just the case that most roiders don't care about it. It can allow you do to more and better bench presses, but you can do more and better squats and more and better plyometrics or sprints as well. The big helper would also be olympic lifts (like cleans and so on), which really give you a strong first stride. Now, do I think NHL players are all on the juice? No. That said, there is a way to be not "on steroids" but have high-normal testosterone levels, and I think that this practice is very much widespread in the sports world. By this, I mean HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Being on HRT is essentially a license to take steroids, as long as you don't take too much. I might take some flak on these forums for it, but it's a virtue certainty that Chelios and Lidstrom are both on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) at pretty healthy doses. Even looking at Lidstrom's physique in Z's wedding pictures tells you that.