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  2. Franzen out 4 months with torn ACL

    This whole thing reminds me... Where I live, there was an elite footballer who blew out his ACL completely. Instead of the conventional surgery, he had a particular synthetic graft - the 'riskier' option which I mentioned before. Instead of a 6-9 month rehab, he was back playing after about five weeks................ well, he was back at training after five weeks at least. All up, he was back to play at his elite level about 3 months following surgery. Needless to say it astounded all of us in the rehab and orthopedic profession.
  3. Franzen out 4 months with torn ACL

    My memory fails me ... but did he end up having an entire knee replacement after chronic cartilage problems? If so, then that's pretty much it for your NHL career. Franzen's is an entirely different type of injury so don't fear. But yes, let's hope it doesn't end up like Hatcher!
  4. Franzen out 4 months with torn ACL

    Not necessarily. If it's a slight tear, you would consider not having surgery. Yes, scar tissue can build, but if it's only a slight tear, then how significant the scar tissue would be is debatable. Surgery is mainly reserved for major tears, or complete full-blown tears. You technically don't need an ACL to go about daily life. Many people choose not to, but rather choose intensive rehab on knee strengthening to make up for the loss of knee stability. An elite sportsman, however, is a different story. This is all academic though, since it's pretty much a lock that he will have surgery, given the info released to the press.
  5. Franzen out 4 months with torn ACL

    Just picked this Babcock quote up from "Passing the puck doesn't do you any good if you don't eventually shoot it. That's how you get points" *slow clap*
  6. Franzen out 4 months with torn ACL

    Speaking as a physio... RECONSTRUCTIONS of ACLs, at this point in time of medical practice, will take 6-9 months of rehab. I stress the word 'reconstruction' because if it's a minor tear, then we're looking at a totally different story. Going by, it seems that Franzen will go under the knife. I assume this will be the case, and if not ... then disregard everything I write from here on in ACL reconstructions and subsequent rehabs are funny things in that it's the one operation/condition/tear that always seems to have researchers and surgeons finding and experimenting new ways of of doing things. Without getting too technical, standard procedure would be to take part of his hamstring or quads tendon and use it as a new ACL. There are, however, techniques where you can use synthetic materials. If this is the option, then the 6-9 month timeframe maybe a lot shorter. It does vary quite a bit in this case, and the fact is, no one is 100% sure as to how long it will take in this situation. There is a higher risk with this option, though, and generally speaking, most surgeons opt for the conventional "longer" option since there's less risk involved. Personally, even if it means being out for the rest of the season, I'd go the safer option. Contrary to what many believe, the recovery from a reconstruction is quite good, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Franzen returned to his former ability. I'll go so far as to say that I'm expecting it. The long and short of it is that it's quite possible that Franzen will be back in 4 months, but from experience I would look more towards 6. This is probably the best-case scenario and anything shorter than this timeframe would mean that there is more (or less?) to the injury than we know, or the surgeons and rehab staff are doing something unconventionally. Unfortunately, if you do the math, it's a realistic fear to think that he might not be back for the playoffs. Some people say it's a 12 month injury. Technically, no. That was the case around two decades ago but we've advanced from then. However, rehab can be slow which would put you "out for the season" and make it seem like 12 months. Let's hope to God this isn't the case!! Oh, and to dispell another myth. A blown ACL does not mean that you must be limping, or that you can't walk. Quite often it's the opposite. I've had many patients who have sprained their knee, come off in pain, but then the pain goes away so they return to the game. A week later, we get an MRI and the doc goes, "um... you DO realise your ACL is gone." Yes, it's a funny ligament. Once again I *stress* that this is all to do with full ACL tears that need a reconstruction. Hopefully we're not going down this road, but I'm not confident about it And for what it's worth, we'll be fine. No need to panic shop for new players yet. See what the younger guys have in store for us, before any knee jerk reactions. However, one thing is for sure... if our defense and goaltending from last year returns then I see us scrapping for 7th or 8th spot in the conference come March. The way I see it ... we now have a "nothing to lose" mentality. On paper, over 100 goals from last season lost?! Are you kidding me?? Man, the rest of the league will be expecting us to drop off significantly this year now. We can happily go about business with less pressure and weight on our shoulders. The season just got interesting....
  7. Vancouver to play 14 straight road games.

    Oh man, please tell me they're doing it old-school, touring around the country with giant vans, feathers, shaving cream, and hot girls as roadies. BEST...ROAD TRIP....EVER!
  8. Chris Osgood message board poster?

    Darn! Missed it before it was deleted. Can anyone please give me the gist of that post? Without posting personal addresses and stuff obviously!
  9. What You'll Remember Most From This Season?

    That crossbar which denied Kronwall's game tying goal late in the 3rd ... then seeing him on the bench with his head in his hands after the game
  10. Were They Too Complacent Going Into Game 7?

    No I don't think so. Remember back to the start of the game, they played with a fire that I haven't seen in aaaages. I can't remember a better first few minutes. I thought then and there that we were here to play. That first PP for the Pens killed us I reckon. Having almost 2 whole minutes in our zone just killed the momentum and got things going for the Pens. So I don't think complacency was the problem neither was it tiredness (cmon they're professionals they can take this beating) ... we were just out of sync ... every team has its bad day, and for us it unfortunately had to come on the biggest day of them all
  11. Is it Safe to Say?.......

  12. Words of Comfort from a Thrashers fan.

    +1 cheers, mate. hope your thrashers start picking up soon (just not against us ) ... it's a shame seeing Kovalchuk's talent go to waste
  13. Congrats Pens, Good Season Wings...

    alright...the rage is subsiding at the risk of showing too much man-love, i started a thread on the pens forum and linked it to here ... i figured it'd be a shame for the classy LGWers to not go unheard. so if you can be bothered registering just to post a congrats, go for it as for the red wings. hard pill to swallow but let's face facts here. it's DAMN hard to repeat in modern sports let alone get back to the SCF and push it to a game 7. The pens wanted it more, had more motivation and the revenge factor on its side. They deserved it. Good to see the fans at JLA stay back (also good to see that they booed Buttman ). I think when we cheered Mario Lemieux that showed a touch of class and that's something to be proud of. As for Hossa, I'll be glad to have him back so long as it's not at the price we paid this year... the only way we'd have him back is on a discount anyway given our cap issues. And I don't care how ineffective he's been ... having a Hossa at a bargain basement price suits me fine. He's proven he can play in the playoffs (with the Pens last year) so there's no reason he can't do it again eventually. Once it sinks in ... congrats on a good season Detroit ... just fell a little short but that's sport for ya, and that's why we all love it...
  14. Patrick Kane Plays With Dolls

    Good read, good kid, good hockey player. Will be GREAT when he tunes up the defensive side of his game. Come 2-3 years time we'll have trouble containing him (esp. since it will coincide with Lidstrom retiring).
  15. lol he be touching the octopussy ... brooms for all!!!