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  1. Can The Wings Win This Series?

    I absolutely believe we can win this series, but only if one thing changes: puck luck. It's funny how important a concept as abstract as that becomes during the playoffs. With bounces going our way, the OT goal in game 1 never happens. With pucks bouncing our way, the first goal from tonight likely doesn't happen and the second goal definitely doesn't happen. When teams are as good as these two are, it comes down to something more intangible than working harder on the forecheck or racing to the corners for loose pucks. Yes, those things are absolutely critical but I feel that the Wings have been doing that in this series already. With a little luck, this series would be 2-1 Detroit at the worst. I guess I've just resigned myself to not being angry, but instead just hoping against hope that the hockey gods smile upon us and that a minor miracle is in the works.
  2. Skills Competiton

    I was wondering this as well. I've got DirecTV but don't have VS. Is there also maybe a way to watch this streaming online somewhere?
  3. 2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

  4. Never seen these before

    I remember those! I had the Brett Hull one. Didn't know there was a whole set
  5. Wings Fatigued from the Last Few Playoff Runs?

    Normally I buy into this as a reason for decreased performance, but not this year. We've had too many injuries and too many guys leave for this to really make sense as a reason for the team's decreased performance collectively. Maybe certain guys are worn down, but I don't think it's exactly the reason we're barely in the playoffs
  6. Versus Network back on DirecTV

    Wooo! 'bout time. I was starting to get worried.
  7. When Does Osgood Start?

    Ozzie's going to have to play at some point this year. I'm pretty sure Howard will be the starter through the playoffs. You can sort of look at it like Team Canada in the Olympics; the incumbent loses his job to the second-stringer, second-stringer then plays good enough to help the team reach the championship game. Now, I can see why people might think "go back to the proven veteran, the guy who's been here and done it before" but I guess Babs doesn't think that way, because as we all know Luongo was in goal for the gold medal game.
  8. Funny Bruins Commercial

    Funny stuff, thanks for posting
  9. Hockeytown Happenings - New Red Wings blog

    Looks great so far. I'll be reading
  10. 1000

    Congrats to Nick. I think this achievement will carry more weight as time goes on and fewer and fewer D men are able to accumulate points the way Nick has. Truly a great accomplishment in today's NHL
  11. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    I'm just trying to soak this all in. I haven't been this excited for a game since...ever.
  12. SCF GAME 2 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    Nice to see Ozzie getting some national recognition in the NBC intro video.
  13. Re-watching the Winter Classic

    The matchup with the Blackhawks makes me want to re-watch the Winter Classic, but I forgot to record it on my DVR. Does anyone know of a place online that might have it available? I know, I know, it's just a regular season game but I think it'd still be fun to watch.
  14. Ducks fans crying about Game Winning goal.

    Man, between the goal where Dom went into the net, the Hudler thing, and the Hossa goal the Ducks had a ton of karma working against them. Nice to see the Wings catch a "break," even if this break was perfectly legal.
  15. Chris Osgood..wow!

    Ozzie was awesome. I used to be in the middle of the road in regards to how I felt about him but now I can see how good he really is. Very happy we have him between the pipes.