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  1. Fight in the stands

    Found this little quote on the Columbus Dispatch website. It was in a live chat transcript with the Dispatch's Aaron Portzline. [Lee] Aaron, It's amazing to me that Detroit fans don't seem to understand that Columbus fans don't like them throwing Octopi on the ice. I find it a total sign of disrespect. Am I wrong? Is this a great tradition and we just don't get it? [Portzline] No, but justice was meted out properly last night. The worst possible situation would be for a Red Wings fan to throw octopus on the ice and get no grief. From what I heard, the Red Wings fan who got one on the ice last night was eating knuckles before the slimy beast hit the ice. That's how it's supposed to be. Just like Blue Jackets fans getting roughed up for waving the flag in Detroit. Being a fan isn't easy. All Red Wing allegience aside, is this really the message that should be written in a newspaper? That violence is supposed to be expected if you show up at another teams venue. That is how "it's supposed to be" Thats just ridiculous.