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  1. Wings third jersey idea

    The Winter Classic jersey would make a great 3rd jersey. I'm not a big fan of tradition just for the sake of tradition. A 3rd jersey that's also classic in appearance would be perfect.
  2. Wings need a change of jersey

    Okay it's not April 1st anymore. I love the white jersey, but the red one is pretty damn ugly, especially with the almost all red socks. Too much red. I'd like to see something like the Winter Classic jersey become our #2 while the red jersey gets kicked to #3.
  3. My guess is that they want to get a short-term lease until the economy recovers and then start on a new arena with taxpayers' help.
  4. Wings MVP so far?

    It's gotta be Franzen or Osgood in my mind. Our other big stars are nonexistant offensively and our secondary scorers while coming up big, don't have the raw numbers. I'm gonna say Osgood. He's bailed out the defense many times and kept us in minutes/periods/games we didn't deserve to be in.
  5. Music at the Joe

    YES! I haven't been to the Joe in years, but what I hear on TV is downright awful. It's as if the DJ has pre-made a list of 20 songs and plays only those songs every damn game. Sure playing songs with lyrics that match the on-ice situation is somewhat clever, but not after the 953rd game in a row. I mean, seriously come on. Not to mention the fact that the Wings home crowd is usually one of the quietest in the NHL, they really need something to pump them up.
  6. Babcock's coaching

    I like Babcock a lot, but he is getting outcoached in this series so far. If the team's not playing with passion and intensity, it's his job to make that happen and he's failing to do so. From someone who picked Bowman's brain for 3-4 years you'd think he would be more willing to shuffle lines to spark some energy.
  7. WCSF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 2

    Bad call, BUT considering the Wings only play 15 minutes of playoff hockey (last 5 minutes of the 2nd and last 10 of the 3rd) they deserved to lose.
  8. From it was in one of their photo galleries.
  9. I have no practice with Gimp (an open-source version of Photoshop) so I did a quick and dirty crop of a broom and used the motivational poster template.