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  1. Hey guys, So curious about the seating at the Big house. It looks like seats that are higher, cost more... So a few questions to anyone that might have any clue... Where would you sit and why? Heres a screenshot of the seating chart and prices: http://gyazo.com/96d31d726d8a5bf33ecbf6db01805741.png
  2. Ohhh that makes sense! Thanks! I was wondering how those guys with cameras in the little hole get a clear shot with no flash! Thanks! Didn't realize that a flash from all the way up there makes a great picture still.
  3. Ok so I was at Friday's (lack of) game. Obviously, it got a little frustrating and boring there so I started to just look around. I noticed at the top of the stadium there are big bulbs (above the suites placed all around the arena), these lights pretty much just seem to randomly flash... Are they cameras (if so isn't that a bit high and its like 1 - 2 flash every 1 - 2 seconds)? They get quite annoying if you are actually looking at them. Any idea anyone? PLEASE HELP MY CURIOSITIES? Thanks!
  4. I was in the LC last year a few times during the playoffs. Its a great new perspective, you get an "overhead" view of the game its pretty cool, they also have full buffets and a full sushi bar (INCLUDED IN PRICE) (at least it was for the playoffs last year). Its not guaranteed seating (but theirs a lot of seats up there) its more first come first serve as there are 3 rows the top one is like a bar stool and the other 2 are like the actual seats in the stadium. After the 2nd period you get PIZZA from little ceasars. I would deff take it over 125. But its really up to you because you are at the top of the stadium! ALCOHOL was extra$ Pop was free.
  5. If Stuart played for the bruins, flyers, ducks etc, he wouldn't have a cup.
  6. As an athlete... I always hated when older music was played. The techno style is great to pump up the crowd and the players. Also, they are offering student rush tickets... So I am guessing there a lot more younger students going.
  7. I'm not saying dump drapper... but I think (since he is already injured and if we could of afforded it) I think I would of waived drapper... and still of had ritola? I mean, I don't really want to see LEINO 2.0 again... lol
  8. hmm... Do you think it would of been better to waive him... and keep Ritola?
  9. Do you have to have a two way contract or something to be waived?
  10. Ill be there!
  11. YOU BETTER SHARE! haha.
  12. Thanks in advance! I want to watch but have no idea what the channels for WOW (wowway) would be as we just switched to it? Thanks!
  13. why wouldnt we expect more then the best. Hell they get paid millions of dollars... theres nothing to expect but a stanley cup. Games 1 and 2 could of EASILY been ours... Game 3 we lost ourselves... Its only the players fault for that one.
  14. Check out the latest poll on http://msn.foxsports.com/ ... looks like us fans made the list! At least we are at the bottom of the vote haha. WINGS FAN FOR LIFE BABY!