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  1. EuroMan

  2. Point-Per-Game Hockey Stats

    I have finally decided to put together a web site that gives you the TRUE NHL hockey stats ( standings and individual ) based on games played. That way everybody is looked at at an even statistical pane. Here it is: Would love feedback!
  3. Babcock extension?

    I'd prefer that this is his last year. Never was a fan.
  4. Babcock

    I've been unhappy with Babcock for a couple of years now. Much like in Olympics you don't have to be a great coach to coach an all star roster and yet he almost screwed that up. He refuses to play Z and Dats together ( the only proven formula ) and he keeps Bertuzzi ( the worst player on our team by far ) on the 2nd line no matter how useless he is. But tonight it was the cherry on top. He had his 4th line in OT!!! And was outsmarted by his former assistant who didn't have to be a genius to throw his top line on the ice to win the game. Babcock has been an awful coach to this team and the team has done well despite his "coaching".
  5. OHL Player lays out opposing goalie

    Brad Watson just called: two minutes on the goalie for diving
  6. Some Thoughts Before Game 6

    I've learned that both teams have surprised me and every single prediction I had for this final so far. I would have never thought that Hossa would be this silent in the post season and especially aginst the Pens. So, that's what's going to make me take half a day off ( I get paid by an hour as a contractor ), loose bunch of money and watch the game live.
  7. Game 7 - Discuss it here

    Dude!!! You stole my avitar!! Get your own, man! NOT COOL!
  8. WCSF GAME 5 GDT: Ducks 1 at Red Wings 4

    I watched the game on TSN for the first time in a while. For a Canadian hockey channel they sure have a horrible broadcast from technical issues to the commentators. What's wrong with Hossa again? He can't score!! Z and Dats are not doing too hot either. Cleary should have been called for goalie interference but we know the refs suck ass in this series plus they owe us a big one anyway.
  9. Where can I see the post game reports?

    Oh you mean the site where in order to watch the reply of the game you have to click on ITS SCORE ( that I don't want to know )???
  10. I can't believe our coach is behind on everything again. Took him 3 games to put Z and Dats together and now he doesn't get it that Leino should have been in the lineup by now. Do we need to lose bunch of other games for him to get it? Man, I'm just not a big fan of Babcock.
  11. Where to watch the repeat of Game 5 on Sunday?

    I just found out I can watch it on TSN's web site but I was also told that it blocks feeds to non-Canadian viewers. Is that correct? Any other ideas?

    What are you talking about. Kopecky is one of our worst players. He hasn't developed into anything in 3 years here. And the fight? Are you kidding me. He got his ass kicked and had to go for Xrays and CT scan to make sure he didn't get the same problem as Lilja did ( another "great" fighter on the team )
  13. I'm going to be traveling on Sunday. I'll be on the plane when the game is played and I won't be back until Tuesday night. Is there a channel that I can find that will repeat the game that night, or is there an online feed / web site where I can watch the entire game? Thanks in advance!
  14. Kenny on The Hour with Bettman

    I'm just surprised that the players and the owners haven't forced Bettman out. He's absolutely horrible at what he does and yet everybody in the NHL tolerating him.
  15. Got Attacked at Game 3

    More info please... Where were cops? Did you end up filing a report? Aren't there security cameras everywhere and if the fans were that huge - it'd be easy to find them on cameras when they were taped inside? This story is not making much sense without that info. BTW, the comment about it being his fault is way out of line. Being a fan at the AWAY game is not pretty and we have just as much right to do s*** that the other team fans do.