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  1. KaPluie

  2. Red Wings sign Chris Conner

    I used to watch Conner star at Michigan Tech when I was a student there. He was absolutely electric in the WCHA. I'd say he's a fringe NHLer due to his size, but I'm excited to see him with the organization.
  3. San Jose Game 2 Diving Compilation

    It did work, and they learned early-on that diving resulted in power plays. What doesn't make any sense to me is that the league talked about paying special attention to diving at the start of the playoffs, then no diving is called against a single Shark in this series when it is a clear issue. Seems very strange to me. Still, it is shameful, but more-so on the league for allowing it to happen.
  4. Who do you cheer for now?

  5. San Jose Game 2 Diving Compilation

    I hated that dive by Osgood ... it was disgusting. As for the Franzen one ... it wasn't a dive. A dive is when you throw yourself to the ice to get a call. On that play Franzen was on the ice and got smacked a little bit and acted like it hurt when it didn't. I hate that stuff too but it wasn't a dive. That said, the Sharks dove in this round more than I've ever seen a team dive in a single series. It was shameful.
  6. San Jose Game 2 Diving Compilation

    I would love to see a compilation of dives from the entire series because there were some pretty good ones in games 1 3 4 and 5.
  7. Red Wings Tattoo...

    With #2, the tattoo has to get bigger and bigger and bigger over the years as they continue to win multiple cups.
  8. Penguins Ponikarovsky suspended for final two games

    I hope the wings sign Ponikarovsky as an UFA this summer.
  9. Punch a Hossa?

    You can score >160 pts without moving your mouse.