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  1. I'm sure they knew it well before it was released to the public.
  2. GDT

    Don't they call it Kraft Dinner in Canada?
  3. He'll be our offseason acquisition.
  4. Either way, top 3 in any division gets in the playoffs. If Flyers and Rangers don't get points, then who will? Washington and Columbus? Either way, top 3 in a division are making it. They're not in our division so they don't matter quite as much, I would posit.
  5. I'll be there! So pumped!
  6. gdt

    Smith is to thank for all of that
  7. GDT

    I've never seen Datsyuk getting hit so many times in a game before. He's been knocked on his keyster 4+ times and I've only been half watching the game between playing NHL 14.
  8. gdt

    Did anyone else notice Quincey (-2) having more ice time than Kronwall (+1)? Granted, I can't watch the game tonight because I'm working, but just something I observed from checking the box score over and over again throughout the night. EDIT: Sammy is also a -2 tonight, too
  9. GDT

    I miss it when Helm couldn't finish to save his life and it made me wanna pull my hair out. Those were the days!
  10. Tatar is killing it this shift!
  11. gdt

  12. Well, that's that.
  13. Stars make a lot of sense since they lost Morrow last year. Vinny could jump into a captain role like he was with the Lightning.