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  1. Props to Osgood on a good game, too bad that the reason Det tied it was mostly our own eff ups and not skill on Det's part.
  2. Triple that and you might get one Ana game.
  3. What are you guys crying about okay yeah that was a bad call, but seriously the league hates Anaheim and loves you Wings don't give me that crap your the bandwagon team and chief dime makers for the league.
  4. It was a goal even I knew but I hoped they'd reverse.
  5. Bulls*** they've all been in your favor.
  6. I respect you so much now, for respecting the stache.
  7. There shouldn't have even been a penalty, he had the guy in mind first puck second, he probably thought he was keeping the puck since the pass wasn't exactly open. The kid went down and is back in now shouldn't be any suspension there have been so many no calls for the Ducks like you know blantant tripping by Det.
  8. They aren't just decent, they flawed and got a 8 seed but they play far better.
  9. NO ONE gives love to the Ducks, this is one guy against the Wings.
  10. I can agree with most things there except Selanne, yeah he has alot of speed but he was off in the Sharks series he needs to step up, and as a Ducks fan I think this series is pretty even but I will say I think these two are the best in this years playoffs and wish this was the Stanley Cup matchup because that's how both teams will have to play. Ducks in 6 of course because they are my first team and Detroit after. Good luck to you Wings though to. From a Ducks fan.
  11. You go through the off-season and move on, they didn't choke they were outplayed....a lot, Anaheim made better shots and better plays end of story.
  12. When did they do that? I thought I remembered talking with someone and they said they didn't.....maybe they were talking league wide like Gretzky.
  13. I didn't see them retire #19 don't think they'll retire #91.
  14. Haha, but in hockey talk this is hard for me, These are my two favorite teams the two I grew up rooting for Anaheim first because I lived in AZ and that was the first game I went to then liked them so much my mom took me every time they came to town, then Detroit because I used to get little toys and stuff when I was smaller and alot happened to be Stevie so I kinda clung to them, and to me in terms of playing they are even.
  15. I registered pretty much just to clear this up. They aren't stopping you, it's like a prohbationary period one of the moderators physically has to verify your account I registered at the beginning of the season and it took a bit of time.