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  1. Nice leaving the ice on the check by Kunitz
  2. per Maltby's "slash" on Crosby, here's a better video of it. Gotta luv Malt's reaction afterwards...
  3. On the CBC telecast, I think they showed Bettman looking surly for a brief moment and then the camera showed him packing up and leaving a few minutes before the game ended. Has anyone put this on youtube yet?
  4. A healthy, in-the-game Pavel, yes. A hurtin' Pavel who has not practiced at game speed, no.
  5. Finally some good news after the joke that is the NHL's scheduling of the finals.
  6. PS

    Couple more from the interwebs:
  7. let's hope he can keep his energy up in the finals!
  8. A penalty kill for the ages:
  9. Yeah, Lebda slipped and allowed that extra foot of space that Kane needed to get that shot off...
  10. Lebda taketh, then giveths away..
  11. Now applefritter shoots..
  12. Yeah PJ, go after that old lady!
  13. Appendicitis... He had an appendectomy this afternoon..
  14. I can sense the refs will call another Det phantom penalty to give the squawks another 4 on 3..
  15. Not the first time I've seen Hossa give the puck up rather too easily in his own zone.