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  1. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    Does anyone know another Wings forum with fans that don't think the sky is falling everytime we get scored on? This place would be awesome if it weren't for the ******* people. Flip didn't score, oh no. We're not gonna win the Cup now.
  2. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    Again, you're a spoiled fan. This almost never happens. You think this doesn't happen to other teams? Go be a fan of the Islanders for a little while. Go be a fan of ANYONE OTHER THAN US for a little while, then come back. Thing will look pretty good.
  3. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    I swear, Ozzie could let in 10 straight 5 holers from center ice and some people would still say it's the defense. IT'S THE TEAM. Wake up, fanboys.
  4. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    Definition of a spoiled fan. This happens less to us than to anyone else. And we act like we're the Atlanta Thrashers. Yes, the loss hurts. Grow the f*** up. It happens.
  5. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    We earned our wins especially that WAS game. I swear, one loss and this forum turns suicidal.
  6. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    Wow. ******* pessimists here or what?
  7. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    oh good lord, you people panic over nothing. he pinched up a little. he's a kid. like no one's ever made a mistake before. for a kid he's been really f***in good.
  8. Great nicknames from the NHL

    I'm not sure I'd want to be called "The Flower". Not the best of sports nicknames lol.. I think the most apt ones are The Great One, The Dominator and The Russian Rocket.
  9. Wings grant tryout to Dan Cloutier

    I doubt one try out camp, no matter how well played by Cloutier, would ever be enough to take a job from Howard, considering the circumstances surrounding the whole thing.
  10. Greatest Backhands in Hockey

    Wow. Get over it. I'd hate to be the reason you lose sleep at night. To answer the question, Crosby does have a very good backhand. I remember seeing Gionta rip one of the meanest backhands I've ever seen from the point and ring it off of the post. Kariya and Gretz have probably two of the craziest backhands ever.
  11. Top 20 players

    Right bud, whatever you say. Now you're deeming certain points not worth responding to? Why not just wave the white flag of defeat? This is so NOT what I was saying. Not like this. I JUST TALKED ABOUT IT. The hell are you talking about avoiding it? See? This is what I mean-you don't actually read what people say. Datsyuk plays on the PK and shadows opposing star players. In a stupidly difficult Western conf. Crosby just plays balls to the wall offense int he East. It all That was my response. I haven't ducked a word anyone has ever said to me on this site and you know it. Just incase you'll play the "wasn't worth responding to" card which I could jsut pull blindly for everything you said but don't, I'll elaborate. Playoff performance is about winning, not scoring points. What do you do that helps your team win? What do you contribute? Datsyuk contributes offense and defensive play. When he's not contributing offense, he's shutting down opponents who do. Crosby doesn't do this but scores a ton of points and plays great in rounds against Eastern teams. It then winds up in a debate over which is more important. I'm willing to have a logical debate about it but you've practically got your hands on CTRL V telling me "Crosby is better because he scores more points, period". No context. No reasons. Just point totals equal being better. If you think the officials didn't hand them wins when they were in danger of missing the postseason, or help them past Washington, you're just trying to make the argument easier for yourself. I watched it happen to the Caps when they started playing better, I saw it happen to us, I've seen it happen to numerous teams. When you wear yellow, you have a whole different set of penalties, different from everyone else. I don't know if his teams would advance half as far playing in the West. And Crosby's only mentioned because his team advances as far as they do. A high scorer on a losing team is never remembered. The West thing is what I would guess would happen. But the ref thing, all you have to do is pop in tape of this years postseason. It's all there. YOU HAVEN'T COUNTERED ANYTHING I'VE SAID. lmmfao you can't just SAY you did without doing it. we can all go back and read every reply smart guy. It's not just as black or white as being "two way or not". Mr. interpretation skills needs to have a meeting with Mr. readmyf***inreplies. I stated this fact in no uncertain or difficult to understand terms. I just think you're angry, I've gotten under your skin, and you're far too proud to admit I said something you couldn't counter. Many of us did. The stats are misleading for the very reasons I pointed out. If you're that lazy, I'll re-quote it for you. I never had a problem with your disagreeing. I had a problem with you failing to reply to logic. It's why YOU were attacked and no one else. Stop ducking that point and address it already. You're just projecting your "hate being disagreed with" flaw onto others. It's typical human behavior but stil. I touched on all of these things you mentioned. Would you deny them if I put them in a nice, tidy post, quote after quote? And you do the same with yours? Because you're clearly the one who doesn't have a leg to stand on and I can prove it. Because I already have. I'm here. Where are you? Ball's in your court.
  12. Wings grant tryout to Dan Cloutier

    This is just so Osgood can steal his mask. But really, if he signs, welcome to the AHL. This guy won't take Jimmy's spot. Jimmy can't go back to GR, so I find it highly unlikely we're going to let him go or even trade him in favor of DAN CLOUTIER fo all people. We are the Red Wings after all, we wouldn't be this successful if we made decisions like that.
  13. Greatest Backhands in Hockey

    I heard Patrick Roy has a good backhand.
  14. Top 20 players

    ^Sad that some people just take sides without reading. I directly addressed this by saying it's not the deciding factor. READ. smh... Cute, it's mimicking me. Playoff performance will spawn a dozen different forms of debate. Do you really want to add to this? When you can barely hang as it is? Datsyuk plays on the PK and shadows opposing star players. In a stupidly difficult Western conf. Crosby just plays balls to the wall offense int he East. It all I said this last post. YOu just repeated yourself. "CROSBY IS BETTER". How about actually addressing what I say? Well, why bother right? Your friends will see you getting owned and come to your rescue. then why did the other guy not get the treatment you did? maybe, and you'd have to swallow your pride here for a second-you just dont' try to debate, you regurgitate and hope no one notices. i point out how sid and ovie aren't in the same league as waybe and mario. i point out why they don't represent great one way players throughout the league, as you were suggesting. you said nothing to counter it. i pointed out how datsyuk might have it a little tougher, esp given his role, in the playoffs. you just repeated yourself and didn't try to form a counter point. i pointed out how the stats were misleading and could not prove anything. And I wasn't the only one. You didn't have anything to say to that. I don't expect anything less than the masses siding with you, seeing as how i don't pull any bulls*** when someone is willingly being an idiot. but c'mon, at least try. You think a counter point is just saying what you said before. Lmmfao. Someone takes up permanent residence in lala land. I could point out that gravity exists and you'd tell me it doesn't. Upon proving it does, multiple ways, you'd just tell doesn't. Lol you must be confused. I tell you very casually to f*** off. And I'll do it to anyone who acts like you do. We're adults, get over it. You purposely acted like a coward. So don't put on the babe in the woods routine now. You could've just actually tried to debate this instead of just chanting "I'm right" without giving reasons.
  15. downey signed by coyotes

    It's like most sports. We'll see an evolution of(in this case) the enforcer, if it's called for. If teams are really truly looking for skilled fighters in a package that we've rarely seen over the years, we'll see more players like it. The need has to be there, and that's the part that's debatable. In this day and age of the cap, is a fighter even worth it? Does a fight really scare anyone anymore? Of are we still clinging to that mindset of back in the day when it did? Did downey or McCarty really stop anyone from taking runs at us? Nowdays, the real enforcers are the officials. You take a run at one of Bettman's precious little guys and you'll be sitting. Your suspension will be longer and you'll have every ref's eyes on you all the time and will have your penalties called more liberally and easier. You'll probably gain a rep if you do it a few times. That's more dangerous to me than any fighter in the league. I think it's also why we have players taking liberties with our guys-we're not protected by the officials. Half of the time we're playing against the refs, too, while most teams get help when they need it and some even get handed wins to further the leagues interests. Some teams are opting for shootout specialists who can at least skate and maintain energy on a 4th line. There's really no one calling for more Lucic type players, even if they are valuable. It's just not high on the list of priorities for some GMs when they think about the tools required to win a Cup at the end of the season. Even if they maybe should be.