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  1. Suddenly hardcore on the internet? ive been a moose fan for years and have two jerseys and have regular season packs/post season packs And as for noone fighting downey? thats fine i guess arniel didnt want any more s*** resulting in that cheap shot hit in which he Should have been suspended for but oh well thats a bush league for ya but no matter we got the W thats all that matters And your right i checked the attendance that sucks how only 2500 showed (this is not a sarcastic comment)
  2. For what sticking up for his goalie? every player does it but go nutz man im watching this game online is there even 1000 fans there? how pathetic
  3. Lol? thats why right after the hit he was bitched to the corner cowered over as labrie was being held back by a ref
  4. That "*****" was goaltender Schneider and that ***** downey will be eating plenty of fist before this game is over he got a nice shower of beer as he was escorted off the ice and got plenty of boo's for his only shift in the third for doing something as stupid as running over the goalie