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  1. Alexander The Great

    No doubt he's an amazing player, and no doubt his "child-like" antics aren't traditional hockey; but i see a deeper Ovechkin. Alex has been in love with hockey since he was a child. Children are care free, easily excited, they over embellish, they play dirty, they're a bit ignorant and arrogant, they're a bit cocky, they do what they love and nothing else, they're children is what i'm trying to say. (Does anybody see the connection i'm trying to make yet?) Ovechkin hears that his brother's died in a car accident and what do his parents tell him? They say "Alex, do what you love!" His brother was the one he looked up to, naturally. He was his role model and he was the epitome of what he wanted to be. Alex was traumatized and his dad telling him to just always do what he loves stuck in his head. He played that hockey game, and he kept playing hockey. Ovechkin is still a kid. Ovechkin will always be a kid. Love him or hate him that's Ovechkin and that's my take on him.