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    (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

    You all realize that this years series against the Sharks will be different right. To say lightly without jinxing anyone or any such team... Last time we played the Sharks in the finals, our beloved Wings were shy a few bullets... This year, we are locked and loaded with a full clip on hand! Know what I mean? We're ready...Sharks should just keep on swimming, swimming, ....and swim on by...... GO WINGS!
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    2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    Very Nice. Very Nice.
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    Hudler Haters - Don't let facts get in the way...

    LOL! Some posts just amaze me! It's always back and forth with you people! Huds sucks, Huds is doing awesome, oh, Huds sucks again.......... Beside the veteran players and those that are truly outstanding at what they do..........isn't everyother player, awesome, then not, then oh...they're doing awesome again?! True sillyness! He is earning is measly $ fact, he would probably be even BETTER than he is now, if he would have been given what he deserved in the first place and never left to go to Russia AND Babs put him on the line that all us Hudler Supporters have been talking about the past few years! Could you even imagine? 1 pt per game now....just think of what" could have been" if Babs let Leino go and kept Huds. But, what could've been, never will be. AND WHY would you want to trade someone that is putting up 1pt per game?! Break up the chemistry before playoffs?! Some people just aren't right in the head. Huds, you're making me proud! Keep on Keeping On!
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    Wings fans at road games

    Heck! I want to say it was more like 75/25 Red in the stands! It was insane!!!! There was a chick that was by us that shouted "Let's go Bolts" and everyone just turned and looked at her like she was insane! HAHA! Not only are there the snowbirds....there is a large military fan base of people from Michigan...with the CG Bases and MacDill here as well! Las't nights game was amazing and I am so glad we got to go! (and I didn't see any other Hudler jerseys!)
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    Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    Huds was flippin' AWESOME last night! FINALLY Babs has put him on a line where he is going to produce! The chemistry is there. Even better, I saw that sick pass live! GO HUDS! Keep proving the haters wrong!
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    2/17 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Lightning 2

    This is my favorite gameday thread so far! Can't wait until the game tonight, where we will be sitting rink side! GO WINGS!
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    Center Ice Free Preview

    Awesome! Thanks!
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    Red Wings @ Lightnings - 2/17

    LOL! I know, I should be easy to spot, eh?! Me in my Hudler jersey (black), Hubby in his Cleary (Red), not sure what our friends are wearing... I think we are going to Shots before the game and then we will be out and about the forum..... It's an awesome view from up there! This is our one "splurge" on tickets game! TOMORROW NIGHT! I started a discussion on LGW FB page for who's all going...I know this is the third thread or so with the same topic. LOL!
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    Red Wings @ Lightnings - 2/17

    AHHHHH! Just saw on tv while watching the Bolts game....They are already in Tampa! That's all I know!
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    Fan clubs in Orlando?

    Not in Orlando, but south in Parrish...we will be at the game Sec. 117!
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    Red Wings @ Lightnings - 2/17

    Not sure about the schedule.....but we are so there! There will be six of us! Sec. 117 Row C! Look for the Hudler jersey!
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    Wings vs Tampa/Florida

    We will be there! (Tampa) Six seats in Sec. 117 Row Cthree rows off ice, Wing's shoot twice! Haven't decided of I am wearing my mens cut Hudler Jersey or getting the womens Champagne Jersey, My hubby will be wearing his Cleary jersey. Two other Michigan natives will be joining us, and the other two tickets are TBD ticket holders. I can not wait! Purchased tickets opening ticket sale day. They are already going for more on StubHub (which by the way have plenty!) Who's up for an LGW tailgate gathering??
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    Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    WHAT IN THE HE-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS are yout talking about you dedadeeee?! I don't know about you, but we must not be watching the same St. Louis play! Do you realize that this #26 is #2 behind Stamkos? While it's a bit behind, it's 60pts...20 goals and 40 assists! 40 damn assists, and you want to say he isn't fast???? That he is soft and easy to knock off the puck, if he was getting knocked of the puck so easily, he wouldn't have 40 assists. You sir, are more moronic than I am a Hudler Fanatic. Now that said, I can not WAIT to see Hudler on Feb 17th. I hope he keeps it up!
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    Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

  16. HudlerFanatic

    Trade Time?

    Why must the trade discussion ALWAYS start with Hudler? There are injuries.....Hudler gets ice time, Hudler the best next action would be to trade him? Hudler scores and assists on the PP....yup, time for a trade with this guy! There is a fight for the #1 spot...Hudler happens to score on a shoot out against Vancouver....but, hey, we should make a trade...... PURE STUPIDITY! If Babs wanted to trade Huds, or had the thought of trading Huds, it would have already happened. Isn't there someone else we can debate about?
  17. HudlerFanatic

    Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    Put him on a line...AND LEAVE HIM THERE! It is not helping to constantly be moving all the guys around. There is no order to Babcock's madness this year! Hudler...get your act together!
  18. HudlerFanatic

    Flippula vs Hudler

    After two years of some of us wanting that...I think it just might stick!
  19. HudlerFanatic

    Crosby looking lethal

    This thread is offensive to LGW! Why is it still here?!
  20. HudlerFanatic

    11/13 GDT: Avalanche 1 at Red Wings 3

    We'll look no further!
  21. HudlerFanatic

    Eaves scratched tonight - Hudler top6

    LOL-- Eva and I been saying this for two years now! THIS
  22. HudlerFanatic

    Flippula vs Hudler

    Even I said "Really? This shouldn't even be allowed as a thread" when I saw it. This has been overplayed.... When it was "Fils-Leino-Huds..." that was one thing. Fils is the better player between the two....I was glad to see Hudler moved up and not down. We have all seen what has happened to the Wing's 3rd and 4th liners when they left this great team...they went to 3rd & 2nd lines and have played awesome. It's all a matter of what Babcock can figure out about who plays better with who. I was skeptical about Hudler/Modano paring, just b/c Hudler was familiar with the other teamer and the third line, but then trowing someone (old) new in just never know...there can be a connection or not...I don't think the playing connection was there on the third. Obvioulsy not on the 4th. If Huds is good enough for Babs to be on the PP.....then he should place him on a line with some of the more Sr. players. Hey Assist on the first goal....way to go Huds.
  23. I registered but have not received info to my email. Can you please resend log in and password for tonights game? Thank You so Much.

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    Can't decide who to get on my Jersey!

    I'm STILL trying to figure that out since Hudler left......haven't replaced it.....don't know if I will anytime soon either. Good luck on your choice......but of the two....I'd get Z's.....kinda what I was leaning towards........