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  1. C - Zetterberg A - Datsyuk A - Kronwall/Franzen
  2. If anything is soft it is American and Canadian beer...
  3. Am I the only one who don't believe in this?
  4. Veterans don't cry. Young girls cry and Crosby is a good example. Enjoy game 6 win as long as you want, but you will have nightmares about game 7 for a looooong time. CHEERS!
  5. Pens can't beat the Wings at the Joe. Their fans can cheer all they want and think Crosby will hoist the cup this year, but he wont. Ozzie with the Shutout. Dats with the game winning goal. Bettman will have some tears.... and so will I.
  6. If? We WILL win game 7, theres no if. Only for the Pens!
  7. Wings in 7.... If the refs would give us the 5-6 PP we should have we would probably won.
  8. I hate when it's an empty net!
  9. Should have been Pavs on the breakaway.
  10. Lucky f***ers!
  11. Suck it Pens! Now's the time for the PP goal!
  12. Damn, we we're so close on that PP! GO WINGS!
  13. That was so close!
  14. I love Draper He's NHL's Chuck Norris.