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  1. Go Figure. We finally get a goalie who can keep the puck out, and then our team gets injured to the point where they can't get the puck in. Fizzlesticks.
  2. I'm just saying try something DIFFERENT. Why keep the losing formula intact? That doesn't make any sense, either.
  3. 4 years, 4 million per. That's a good deal on both sides.
  4. If Kopecky were Canadian, he wouldn't make the 9th string line-up.
  5. The funny thing about Helm is that he hasn't had a good linemate since he got to the NHL. I can't wait until the Red Wings figure out that Helm DOES have offensive skills and can use them if he has a good player on his line.
  6. I agree. You think the coach would do SOMETHING to make a goal happen. ANYTHING. Rush both defensemen. Put out 5 guys that weight over 250 pounds. Do SOMETHING. Babcock is a mediocre coach. I'm not sold on him.
  7. Nick has looked different the last two games (in a good way). I don't know if any of you noticed, but he got 1/2 a step back the last two games. And no, it's not just that we were playing Columbus. Nick will finish the season strong. Watch.
  8. Helm is an NHL'er. Putting him on a prospect list is ridiculous. Almost the same for Leino. Whether they deserve those spots is another discussion.
  9. Tatar is our next Filppula.
  10. YUP! Sammuelsson never could get the freaking thing in the corners.
  11. Thanks, buddy. I owe you one. You da man.
  12. Stream access code? Link? Another Stream? Come on.
  13. Why is the stream saying you need an access code? and does anyone have it?
  14. bertuzzi is good
  15. thanks. I'm on my sis's comp for the holidays. Appreciate it.