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  1. FunkyBlueFish203

  2. Griffs of 05-06.

    I like Schneider but I don't like him with Kronwall. I know pairing Nick with Coffey helped shore up Nick's defensive game but I think Kronwall needs PP time to let his offensive game develop. Right now those minutes are going to Schneider. And I especially don't like Schneider on the same PP unit as Nick. Both line up at the blue line, shoot bombs. When Schneider went down and Sammy took over, he would move with the puck moving the defense with him, which helped our PP. Somewhere along the line the Wings brass has to make a decision. Guys like Meech and Quincey are knocking on the door, Kindl will be ready in a year. You have to make room for guys who have potential, and sometimes that means letting an older player go. Sure, there will be some growing pains but it'll pay off later on as the young guns gain experience.
  3. Does everyone want Bert to re-sign?

    Yes. Bertuzzi played even though he was not completely healthy. He was getting better, he had an awesome game against Anaheim but then hurt his back. Before joining the Wings, he had played just 15 games in Florida so we knew it was going to take him some time to get going. The Wings recognize what he brings to the table, especially since he will be completely rested to start next season. I think there is interest from both sides to get a deal done. It's going to come down to numbers. Hopefully Bertuzzi stays.
  4. Griffs of 05-06.

    Speaking only on D: Quincey is not ready to replace Markov. I'd rather the Wings re-sign Markov. Having a kid up means the kid will play with Cheli on the 3rd pair. That's fine and all but it would bump Lebda up to at least the second pair, and heck no, he is not top-4 material yet. If anything, this playoff run showed Lebda is expandable if the Wings are willing to make a deal. Meech is out of options. He will have to clear waivers to go down next season if called up so the Wings will give him a good look in camp. Maybe Meech stays up, replaces Lebda on the third pair. Quincey can still go down without having to clear waivers so he might start the season in Grand Rapids. Markov should be re-signed because he is a no-nonsense, stay-at-home guy who doesn't need any baby sitting from Nick. He is a very good partner for Lidstrom and has a good game so I'd like the Wings to retain him. Deal Lebda, and even Lilja since his stock is high. Gain a little cap room, deal for another d-man in the top-4 to play with Kronwall. Leave Meech on the third pair with Chelios and make Quincey the first call up. Kindl will be in GR next season, too so it still leaves options.
  5. No faith in Jimmy Howard?

    Incorrect. If his AHL play has showed anything, it's that he has had trouble being consistent. He has started out the season slow and picked it up, but at times his play has been spotty. Nothing wrong with it, he's only 23, came from the NCAA where teams only played on the weekends and 30-40 games in a season at best. He has all the potential in the world, all the ability to be a world class netminder, but for that to happen, he needs to develop a familiarity with the grind of the schedule and work on his consistency. Just take a look at Turco and Miller; both came from the NCAA and took them a while to get the starter's role, too. I have been a fan of Howard since his USNTDP days. He is a fantastic goalie and I'm glad he is in the Red Wings organization. He will get his shot when the time is right. As of now, he is definitely being groomed to take over by the organization.
  6. Wings clean out lockers, discuss future..

    I have to agree with ARice on this one. If re-signing Schneider means no money for Markov, then I don't like that move. Schneider is vital on the PP but let's not forget who actually runs that PP -- Nick Lidstrom. Markov doesn't get a lot of recognition for what he does on the ice but he plays a very good shut down role against top lines. Most importantly, he is a solid, solid partner for Nick. For the first time in many seasons, Nick had a partner he didn't need to babysit. Once Markov got his bearings, he fit in well. With Chelios and Lebda manning the 3rd pair, the only spot for a kid is in the top-4, and we don't have any kids ready to step into that position. Lebda is a good 5/6 d-man but he is not ready for the top-4.
  7. Report: Habs offer 4-year deal to Andrei Markov

    Babe, I know he has value but Kubina, McCabe, Jovanovski and McKee all have one thing on Mathieu -- age. Kubina is 30, McCabe is 32, Jovocop is 31 and McKee is 30. These guys are all in their prime (Not that I'm a fan of either except McKee), but Schneider is 38. The CBA says: If you sign a guy to a multi-year deal after he is 35 years old, he will count towards the cap from his second year on no matter what happens (Unless you're the Devils). Every team will keep that mind and make offers accordingly. I can't see any team offering $5M. If someone does, good for Matty.
  8. Report: Habs offer 4-year deal to Andrei Markov

    This argument comes up every single time. Real life is not comparable to sports. When you're 25 and working at a job, you might be kicking everyone's behind, but stuck at an entry level position. At 38, you could've worked your way up to being the CFO. And your experience and your productivity and your value could present you the opportunity of being the CEO at 45. Provided you are a hardworking invidividual, your skills will not decline at 38, your production will not go down, in fact, you will shoulder more responsibility and keep earning more money. And the more money your employer makes, the better you look. Oh yeah, there is no "salary cap" in the working world. There is a budget, but you can extend your budget, and you don't get penalized for it if you keep bringing in the dough. An athlete has a limited shelf life. His/her skills are more physical. A body wears down after a while. It's fantastic for Schneider having the year that he just had. No one said he is a bad player or a bad person, but this is the salary cap world in the NHL, and teams do get penalized for extending the limit. You don't give someone money because he had a good year. You look at the team's needs and move in the necessary direction. The Red Wings did not suffer during the season when Schneider was out. Could've used him against Anaheim but what the heck, could've used a healthy Zetterberg and Bertuzzi and Kronwall, too. Sure, Schneider is a nice option to have, he makes plays happen, especially on the PP, but he's not the pulse of the team like a Nick Lidstrom is. Or like a Datsyuk is. He's not a top-10 defenseman in this league. He's one of the top offensive defensemen; overall, not so much. I'd be shocked if anyone offers him $5M. In a cap world, a guy like Schneider at 38 years of age at $4M is a luxury. Some teams can afford those, the Red Wings will not be able to because they're watching the wallet and looking to spend on more pressing needs -- like a physical stay-at-home defenseman and a big forward. There is no bash on Schneider, there is no bash on his play. But one needs to understand that in a cap world, one has to invest wisely, and a 38-year old with a cannon on the PP might not be more important than a guy who will go down and block a shot playing against the opposition's top line, or more important than a guy who will stand in the crease to score goals. Schneider, in his time in Detroit has always expressed a desire to win. With the run the team just had, he knows they could make another strong one next year. He is well aware of the cap limit. If he wants to be a part of a team that has a chance, he will have to take a paycut, and he might be open to it. If another competitive team offers him more, he could go there. The guy has been here a while now, he knows the Wings can't open up their wallets to him. The choice is his, let him make it before you declare him gone already. What the heck, the Wings might not even make an offer and let him walk. Re-sign Markov, give the extra minutes to Kronwall.
  9. Report: Habs offer 4-year deal to Andrei Markov

    Glad to hear you have the confirmed word on it. Do wish him good luck on our behalf.
  10. Report: Habs offer 4-year deal to Andrei Markov

    If he wants to stay in Detroit, it HAS to be that low. If they want to make another run with the current roster, guys will have to take less money so a competitive roster can be put on the ice. Schneider can get closer to $4M elsewhere. No will shell out $5M for him. From his attitude towards the Wings since he got here, I don't think he'd leave for a million on some shoddy team that is not going to the playoffs. When you're coming to the end of your career, it's not about the dollar but about the shiny silver chalice. Kronwall is 12 years younger than Schneider, I won't even get into that debate.
  11. Report: Habs offer 4-year deal to Andrei Markov

    $5M is way out of our price range but I would've liked to add him to the roster. Schneider won't get $5M on a multi year deal from any team; he is 10 years older than Markov. If Schneider wants to stay in Detroit, and I suspect he does, Holland will probably sign him to a 1-year deal at around $3M. I like Schneider but I'd rather the Wings not sign him. Let Kronwall handle that ice time, bring up a kid, and retain Daniil Markov. We need more of Markov's types on the team. With the way he played with Nick, I think there is a high probability of Markov being re-signed.
  12. NHL Playoff Schedule

    Schedule from 2007 WESTERN CONFERENCE QUARTERFINALS - #1 Detroit vs. #8 Calgary Thu., April 12 7:00 p.m. at Detroit VERSUS, CBC Sun., April 15 1:00 p.m. at Detroit NBC, CBC Tue., April 17 10:00 p.m. at Calgary CBC, VERSUS Thu., April 19 TBD at Calgary CBC, VERSUS * Sat., April 21 3:00 p.m. at Detroit NBC, CBC *Sun., April 22 TBD at Calgary CBC, VERSUS* *Tue., April 24 TBD at Detroit CBC, VERSUS * if necessary
  13. Playoff Schedule Released?

    Per Bruce Macleod of Macomb Daily, the Wings will open on Thursday, April 12th. The second game will be on April 15th, Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Rest of the schedule isn't released yet.
  14. Regular Season Awards

    I didn't list predictions of who will win. I listed my personal choices. I give Jordan Staal the vote for excellent two-way play in his rookie season. Opportunistic goal scoring coupled with being on the ice protecting leads in the final minute of the game at 18 years of age -- a very, very good achievement. Kid is a gamer.
  15. Regular Season Awards

    Hart Memorial Trophy: Sidney Crosby James Norris Memorial Trophy: Nicklas Lidstrom Calder Memorial Trophy: Jordan Staal Vezina Trophy: Roberto Luongo Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Pavel Datsyuk Frank J.Selke Trophy: Henrik Zetterberg Jack Adams Trophy: Michel Therrien