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  1. Brown on the top line? I doubt that. I see him playing a good third line though.
  2. Absolutely. It stands out because it is simple.
  3. Haha, mindfly said the Sharks are entertaining to watch. That was worth posting on the forums.
  4. With Chicago picking up Ebbett from Anaheim on waivers, I bet Detroit's super nervous and s***. Haha. I don't see Detroit making any big splashes. Young season, let the boys get their s*** in order.
  5. I like that every game highlight clearly shows seven guys there. Counts them, numbers them, shows a frozen frame. At some point, maybe egg-in-the-face will, like, make a difference. Right.
  6. These guys are obviously destined to be the team for the Finals this year.
  7. This is why it's hard to take the NHL officials seriously.
  8. I haven't, but I've been seeing everyone complain about the Game Center s*** so far. It drops off all the time. They're so related, I know. Good luck with that s*** man.
  9. NHL officials are ******* screwy. They reply to fan concerns with "you don't know hockey, let us do our job." Literally. We might be fans, but a lot of us watch a lot of hockey -- we know a missed high-stick that injures a player when it happens. I hope this random nobody wins.
  10. Here's a video of the Corey Perry head-goal. It's pretty ******* crazy. You see Anaheim's coach, Carlyle (aka, perma-Grump), laughing with Selanne because Temmu had turned and said, "hey, why is Perry killing penalties?" Then Perry heads it in, and Carlyle laughs and says "that's why." Note Wideman's response, just like, "oh what the hell, even that goes in?" with the hands up and everything.
  11. This is a big game for Detroit! Brad May being in the lineup will only help this club. (And if Eager is out, that's rougher on Chicago.) But this one should be a riot to watch.
  12. Nolan creaming him into the boards was the best thing in the world, and Odjick deserved it then by cross-checking a downed and prone player. Or when Domi knocked him to the ice in a fight. Ah the memories.
  13. Toronto against Ottawa should be chippy as hell. I think Pronger and co. will put a lid on Washington's high powered offense. Plus Philly will wear them down with the body, so I'm thinking that will be a lower-scoring game. Still highly enjoyable! But hell, everything else has been topsy-turvy so far this season, I'll be dead wrong about tonight. Good hockey to be had tonight though!
  14. I totally agree, it'd be good for your club.
  15. He's less known for his dumb penalties than his penalty killing. But you're right, there is no Moen in Detroit. There can be May, however. Similar player, except May has more foot-speed. He won't kill penalties, but Detroit wouldn't need him to anyway.