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  1. Nashville or Detroit: Better Hockey Fans?

    I mean we all know the answer to this question and how insanely comical it is that the question is even presented, but it has been and I really would rather we beat them than not.
  2. I know it's a silly online poll, but right now we are losing. I don't want Hockeytown to lose to Nashville. Vote.
  3. Was there a goal missed yesterday? (game 2)

    The TSN replay ends too early, but you can see (just before that clip ends) the puck start to come back across the crease towards where it came from. That is where I think it gets knocked into the back of the net with Niemi. Niemi's stick is what actually knocks the puck in after it gets pushed by Demers who's on all fours because he got cross checked by Bertuzzi. Unfortunately none of this matters. Games over, they didn't review. Hopefully they are better Wednesday night.
  4. Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

    way too many turnovers at the offensive blue line. i dont know what it was exactly that caused our D to pinch the way they did and not come up with the puck or body. you commit like that you need to get something, it allowed for way too many breakaways. also the power play needs to set up more and then fire shots, i feel like the wings are firing shots before everyone is in the zone and ready to work the PP
  5. I will lose major respect for Chicago fans if

    yeah that chant would for sure be classless but to be honest i won't be shocked if they do it. I was at the winter classic and when i went to the bathroom a guy was talking about pissing on me and another guy put a cigarette out on my jersey, so like i said that chant would just be normal for them. One thing about Chicago fans, they are spineless, the second they final of the WC was for sure, they stopped chirping and had nothing. I'm expecting the same when we win in 5.