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  1. Here's to positive thinking

    And if Wiz's ribs are injured and he does return, he will be playing with severe pain. If any of you have ever injured your ribs before and tried to play hockey, you'll know how much of a disadvantage it can be.♦
  2. The one thing you like about anaheim

    Let me get under my desk before I say this...Dave Farrish, the bald guy with the goatee. He coached an ECHL team in my home town of Lafayette, LA, and was a damn good coach. But I remain loyal to the wings, as I was watching them long before he came around.
  3. When the hell is Babcock going to change the lines

    Suddenly the depth of the Red Wing's has been reduced to a kiddie pool because they lose 2 games. I admit they played like garbage the first 35 minutes, but if I'm not mistaken they did fight back only to lose on a technicality. If they can win game 4, they will be in pretty good shape. It also won't hurt if they can get Rafalski healthy and back in the line-up. Don't rule them out yet.
  4. I'm Done With The NHL

    Agreed. If the challenge wins, then the play is justified. If not, take away a time out or give a delay of game call. If a team is as certain as they would have been tonight, it is worth the risk.
  5. Reviewability of the calls?

    Hooray for political bull****!!! The puck was in before the whistle sounded, which means the play was still alive???? As far as I'm concerned, they just woke a sleeping dragon. Wings in 6