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  1. Red Wings song from the 90s, Help !

    Are you referring to the CD that was released in like 1995 with "I want Stanley" on it? The song you're talking about was the second song on the disk. I want to say it's somewhere at my parents, but it was a pretty good cd.
  2. leino scores in first game as a flyer

    Wait...isn't there a thread on this already? was like a week ago, me thinks.
  3. Any advice for a first timer

    First of all, I applaud you for keeping an open mind about Detroit and realizing it's reputation isn't a true representation of the city. Depending on where you're coming in from, as stated above, be wary of traffic and your exits. If you're coming from the West, as many of us do, and end up taking the Lodge Fwy, the exit for the Joe is very sudden and on the right hand side. If you're getting there an hour before the game or less, you'll see one lane of traffic stopped and the rest open. Don't be that person who tries to creep in - just get in line, it moves quicker without moron's trying to merge. Secondly, if you don't feel like parking in the garage, here's my suggestion, and probably your best bet. Get directions to Greektown Casino and park in their structure, it's free! Hop on the People Mover for 50 cents (bring singles to get tokens) and ride it for about 5-10 min. The people mover makes a stop right at The Joe and it's literally a minute walk from the stop into the arena, no steep steps to worry about or crazy traffic before or after the game. But if you want to be a part of the crowd and walk the steps in, etc - find some place downtown by the Ren Cen and park and walk. It's safe, I promise, I've walked through there dozens of times - and the waterfront is beautiful! You'll see hobo's and beggers, nothing to be scared of - just walk on by. Have fun!
  4. Penalty Shot/Penalty

    This. If Malts is taken down on a breakaway, you choose PP. If Dats is dragged down, you let him shoot. It should be a choice and it should be given on a clear breakaway. On another note, NHL 10 gives penalty shots like no ones business and it's awesome. True it's just a video game but penalty shot's are very exciting.
  5. Fedorov: Red Wings were jealous

    LOL @ they broke up the Russian 5. No offense there Sergei but the Russian 5 came to a tragic end because of the limo accident, that's no secret to the fans of this team or to him. The instant that Vladdy got hurt was the instant the Russian 5 ceased to exist and that's the end of that. Fetisov was ending the road in his career but ended up playing in 1998, of course, and I guess if Maxim Kuznetsov would have panned out in time and the Wings didn't go get Dominik Hasek for Kozzie in 2001 then maybe, maybe they would have all stayed together...I digress. Point is, that's just silly of him to say. They stayed together through 1997, mainly on the power play, where they were deadly. Otherwise, Scotty just didn't use them as a whole as often because it made the team better to spread all 5 of them out and use them with other players. With the way 1997 ended up, and you could even say 1996 (had Yzerman not been hurt) Scottie knew what he was doing. I think Sergei needs to thank Mr. I for getting him here, thank him for a great career, shut up and enjoy his $ that never would have happened without the Detroit Red Wings.
  6. Steve Yzerman In New Commercial

    QFT. Even with all the negativity towards Obama in the first year, he'll probably get re-elected too Ok, enough political talk. lol the commercial is a nice gesture and good to see Michigan trying to do something about this economy but I think it's too little too late, we're going to need something big (auto industry) to revive us.
  7. Report: Toews, Kane and Keith close to extensions

    How they will afford this is beyond me. They can't give these guys Hossa/Z like extensions, can they? They're so young, I can't see em locking them up for 13/14 years and then the latter 3 or 4 giving them only a million a year to kill the cap hit. This is interesting stuff.
  8. Niedermeyer signs 1-year deal w/ Ducks

    He's definitely not worth that kind of money.
  9. Niedermeyer signs 1-year deal w/ Ducks

    6 million plus bonuses, per TSN and Dreger.
  10. Kopecky signs with the Blackhawks

  11. Kopecky signs with the Blackhawks

    Perfect, done.
  12. Kopecky signs with the Blackhawks

    So sad. Maybe Hossa told Kenny the only way he stays is if Tomas stays, Kenny said hell no, Hossa left and went to the first team that would take him and Tomas. Chicago bent over and said sure Marian. Thats exactly how it went down.
  13. Kopecky signs with the Blackhawks

    I'm happy he's gone, but the fact that he followed Hossa is hilarious.
  14. Kopecky signs with the Blackhawks

    Per TSN LOL
  15. Conklin signs with the Blues

    Good Luck Conks!