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  1. Yes. I always appreciate the little things in life. The person below me covered their school text books with brown paper grocery bags then decorated them.
  2. Wow. Thanx for the info & link. I think he still has something to contribute to the right team. His days in the NHL are definately numbered though.
  3. False. Hockey and fall will come. I can wait. I don't want to rush summer out. The person below me was early for work today.
  4. False. I don't keep that kind of stuff in my mind. The person below me likes to watch CBS's Big Brother on tv.
  5. I would love to see Cheli as a D coach somewhere... after he's done playing of course. I'm happy that we're not done talking about him yet.
  6. Nope. Mine's in February The person below me had a busy weekend.
  7. Hudler because of the smiles.
  8. False. I think dogs are. The person below me has a green thumb.
  9. Noe. Not usuallye. The person below me has a bad habit they want to get rid of.
  10. Thanx for the great ride! Bummed about the final loss but getting over it. Life moves on and then there's always next season.
  11. Yes, it has been known to happen to me on many occassions. The person below me has a pool or is a member of a fitness club or apt. building with a pool.
  12. No. I tan. The person below me has 2 personal telephone numbers: a land line and a cell phone.
  13. That was definately a good laugh. Thanx for posting.
  14. No. As a girl I don't own any tuxes. The person below me works out regularly.