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  1. 12/11 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    enjoy the points that the refs gave you, what a crock of s***!!!! good night
  2. 12/11 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    I called 4-1 earlier in favor of ducks.
  3. 12/11 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    of course that wasnt a goal, the ref is stupid for thinking it was, but then give us a penalty for being pushed into the goalie is pretty ridiculous
  4. 12/11 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    well its obvious that the ducks are not only playing against the wings, but against the refs, what a way to mess up a perfectly good hockey game...damn you toronto for the record that was definatly not a goal from parros, but that wasnt a penalty either
  5. 12/11 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    i think the stache might get scratched tonight, but if he is not scratched then i pray to the hockey gods they have a scrap
  6. 12/11 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    well it seems like 2 underachieving teams with some injuries are gonna battle it out tonight which should be a fun and good game to watch...my prediction is ducks take it 4-1 goals by sexton, robby ryan and 2 by corey perry getzlaf with 3 assists.

    I have a question for you guys, more of an observation, if Bettman wants the NHL to be a big sport again, in the category of NBA, NFL, MLB, shouldnt they try to make LA a big team again, like it or not, LA is a big market, if they can actually make a winning team again, i think the spotlight for hockey would be a lot bigger for newer hockey fans?
  8. And the Penguins are playing for the Stanley Cup!

    im saying in meeting a human being that did all the stuff he did, the guy is awesome in his own right, but i understand your point, it would be like teemu selanne going to detroit after all the years with the ducks, it would be painful no doubt!
  9. And the Penguins are playing for the Stanley Cup!

    LOL, when fedorov was over here in anaheim, some friends and I went to go meet him and take pictures, of course some of my buddies had their redwings jersey on lol, it was pretty awesome, hes a cool dude.
  10. Props to Scuderi

    those 2 stops he did in a row where amazing, it has been a fun series to watch, but he definatly gets the saviour of the game last night.
  11. Why the Wings will lose this series

    can you please give me some of the crack your smoking, there is no way the pens are going to win this!!
  12. Attitude towards other fans

    i didnt mean to cause a ruckuss over this, honestly im just ignoring the dude, who cares, hes probably just a sharks fan disguised as a wings fan lol. now lets get the game going already.
  13. Attitude towards other fans

    I took off names because i really dont care about this person but he sent me this PM first: Where'd you go? Go back to disney.com if you're going to spout your nonsense. I responded: dude, seriously your starting to piss me off, im not your typical troll, im not talking s*** to anyone, so stfu before you get me banned for talking s***. He sent back: You are a typical troll. Get the f*** out. Goes to show how cool some people are lol
  14. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    i will agree that the wings have the best team in the league, but we are not that far behind buddy, we will see tonight who is better.
  15. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    are you ******* kidding me, the NHL would love nothing more then having a detroit vs chicago original 6 series.