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  1. Canadian NHL teams facing travel issues

    You can charter Air Canada aircraft which is what the sports teams do. They use the same aircraft that is part of the the Air Canada fleet. They are then able to have them land at multiple airports. It's cheaper to charter the planes for several cities rather than pay for a one-way charter. The airline still charges the "renter" to return the aircraft to its home airport. This does not just effect the teams... I can tell you from personal experience that the dedicated following of sports teams will charter planes, trains, and automobiles as well. The worst of it is when there is a game location decided at the last minute --- most flights will already be booked or airfares will be beyond outrageous, so it becomes more cost effective to charter planes. I have some people in my "office" that are still having issues with chartering these flights. They've been working on charters for the Olympics and are still not being given the all-clear. I'll put a call in to my AC rep and see what they have to say...
  2. Happy B-Day Pavel Datsyuk!

    Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to Pavel, you and meeeeeeee, Happy birthday to us!!! That's as close as you'll get to me singing (trust me, be grateful!). Hope today is as fantastic for you and Pasha as it will be for me!
  3. This or That

    Hugs are best... unless the kisses are from my husband! Stupidity or ignorance?
  4. Where to watch the Free Agency Stuff on Wed?

    TSN Free Agent Tracker Loving the updates!!!
  5. If the Wings win Game 7...

    Very confused... what is this word "IF"????? No if's... Cheli and Conklin will get their names on the cup... no worries there!
  6. Don't Blame the Refs - NHL Stupid Enough

    I seriously tried to think of something to add, but you've just NAILED IT! Well said.
  7. Osgood

    Ozzy is a great player and made unbelievable saves tonight. We owe our game to him.... Sammie and Big Rig left him high and dry. Ozzy played a perfect game.

    I was just wondering if anyone can confirm that Bettman was in Pittsburgh tonight? I know that he was in Phoenix today for the court hearings regarding the Coyote's bankruptcy and was wondering if he ever made it to Pittsburgh. If he didn't, and the Wings had won the cup, who would have presented it to Lidstrom? Thoughts..
  9. Describe Game 5 in one word