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  1. Turbo1

  2. I need some help

    Just ask them who the Leafs are playing in the playoffs.
  3. Let's go Stars

    I'll throw my two cents in here. Go Stars!! But just for today.
  4. Trade Time?

    Nah, no need to fix what is not broken.
  5. Claude Lemieux & Darren McCarty

    Wow, people will do anything for money huh?
  6. Ken Hitchcock coming to Camp

  7. Who will be the whipping boys for '10-'11?

    I will throw Kris Draper into the mix. Taking bad penalties, and losing at the faceoff dot. Then if Maltby cracks the lineup, I will add him to.
  8. Suspension for Murray?

    There will be no suspension for that. And it really makes no difference now anyway.
  9. .BELIEVE / Have faith, etc.

    I am not nervous, it is such a hard task to win when each game is an elimination game. We all know what the outcome of the series will be. Lets just hope to win one and keep the sharks from sweeping.
  10. Poor Matty Ellis catches a "Kronwalian"

    What an excellent, clean hit.
  11. Ken Hitchcock wants to make the Wings "Bleed"

    Ken must have read some of the LGW photoshop war pages and saw the photos of him. He is just a little upset and had to vent to someone. So lets go ahead and open up a new Ken Hitchcock photoshop war.
  12. Jason Williams?

    Nah, I don't really want to see Jason back on the Red Wings.
  13. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    i agree with you, let him walk. I could care less if he left.
  14. What will..

    Labatt Blue for me.
  15. Wow Pens Fans

    Yup he is a ***** just like cindy.