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    Lidstrom for life reacted to rwfan007 in Wings' Goaltending Situation   
    I don't think Jimmy will have a sophmore slump. He is gunna be what, 26-27 years old? He has played full time the last 4 years in the minors and played really well last season with the Wings. He is a pro and knows how to handle playing 50+ games.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to SweWings in #24 should be retired? But to who?   
    I'd give it to Probert... the emotional factor weighs too much. But it won't be... it'll probably be held out of circulation for a long time though.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted in Take it as an omen.   
    Octopi are amazing creatures.
    They can replicate color, shape and texture to their surroundings. They make camelions look like amateurs at blending in.
    I also hear they are relatively good at picking soccer teams.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Sarava in John Madden to Minnesota Wild   
    You're absulutely right. We are could be worse though. The Hawks could be in this situation with little to nothing left to replace these guys. There's reasons to have hope for a lot of these guys.
    Remember, Versteeg wasn't highly regarded 2 years ago. He finished 2nd in the Calder voting out of the can happen again. But yeah I agree, there will probably be struggles this coming season.
    If any Hawk fan says the Hawks won't miss a beat next year, they aren't telling the truth. The bulk of the hurt will probably be felt in the playoffs, because we've seen over and over that teams can still excel in the regular season with just 2 strong lines. It's in the playoffs where that often gets exposed (see Vancouver and San Jose for example).
    The potential struggles ahead doesn't mean we Hawk fans have to act like sourpusses over it, though. I'm excited to watch this team try to defend the cup...even if 1/3 of the cup winners are gone. The future is still bright IMO. With prospects like Jeremy Morin, Kyle Beach, Dylan Olsen, Marcus Kruger, Kevin Hayes and more...there's a lot to look forward to in Chicago, besides what currently is on the roster. The guys I just mentioned are all at least a year away from the NHL, with the possible exception of Kyle Beach. He may or may not play with the Hawks this year.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Tommy_Like_Wingy in Willie Mitchell   
    He's too expensive for a player who is now borderline retarded after that concussion.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Hockeytown0001 in Forsberg eyeing another NHL comeback?   
    Seriously, just retire already.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to S.H.M.B. in Red wings Photos   
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to 24fan4ever in Team still needs grit!   
    Thanks for the welcome, it might take a little bit to learn the system here. I hope Abby can fill the role i think it is very important to protect your investments.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to 24fan4ever in Team still needs grit!   
    I still feel the wings need a Martin Lapointe type of player. Someone who is a full time part of the roster and not in GR during the playoffs. I believe Aaron Asham would be a great addition to the team, with good speed and the grit the team needs but who do they give up for him?
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    Lidstrom for life reacted in Team still needs grit!   
    All the grit you need
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    Lidstrom for life reacted in Eaves on the PP   
    Being on the point you gotta have those fast lateral movement, versitile, hockeysense, like a freakin' QB in football, when has eaves ever shown any of those abilities?
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    Lidstrom for life reacted in This team's still missing one thing..   
    IMO, this team's biggest problem over the last two seasons has been giving up leads late. NOT doing that used to be our trademark. I think that the problem stems from a general lack of physicality, particularly on the defensive end. Having guys like Rafalski (and to a lesser extent, I'm sorry to say, Lidstrom) with bad backs who are afraid to go into the board late in games results both extra possessions for our oppenents, and tough, risky plays for our defensemen in our own zone.
    If we could somehow trade Rafalski (to make it work cap-wise) and some higher end prospect(s) for a guy like Pronger. Well, I think that we win the Stanley Cup. That guy adds absolutely everything that this team needs.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to rick zombo in Why sign a sixth Dman?   
    Babcock has said that he plans on reducing Lidstrom and Rafalski's minutes. To me, this means a stable 3rd pairing is in the works. This can only mean a reliable veteran will be added to the lin-up to play with Ericsson.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to stevkrause in Why sign a sixth Dman?   
    I think that is the way you kinda have to look at it...
    If you look at Ericsson's production and play the last month of the season and into the playoff's alongside of Lilja instead of bouncing around on D pairings, it speaks volumes about what that presence can do for him... keep in mind, this is only his 2nd year in the NHL and really only like his 5th year even playing D - there are going to be some growing pains, but the potential is there and he is only 25, it's WAY too early to make a projection on what he will be... and, not by the same details(or background) but with the same projection, there's no way to know what Kindl will be either and BOTH have shown that they do much better with a steadying presence (and both are known to have defensive mental lapses)
    Janik, although a GREAT depth guy, is what he is - a 6/7/8/fringe NHL d-man who is solid defensively and has a mean streak, but has never shown more and at 30, is pretty much what he will be for his career...
    I want to see Kindl and Ericsson given every opportunity to show what they have this year, but I want them to be able to do it favorable situation, to see what they can really be - and that means paired with a solid, shut down, NHL proven d-man
    Realistically, Smith SHOULD be at least 2 years away... and if things play out and everyone develops as they should, next year, when Nick hangs them up (apocalypse) either Ericsson or Kindl move into top 4 next year, while the other fills the bottom pairing and in 2 years when Rafalski hangs them up, whomever was in the number 4 spot moves into the number 2 spot, 6 spot to 4 and Smith to 6 - and if any one of them outplays the other, shift around, all the while, having Kronwall as your num 1, Stuart your 3 and your 5 being that vet or other FA... it actually plays itself out perfect this way... they just have to develop and if they don't... then we go write a huge check in FA and get someone to replace Nick next year and we start entertaining moving forward without the one who didn't develop as they should.....
    just my 2 cents...
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Echolalia in 20 goal scorers   
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Echolalia in Hawks sign Cullimore and Toivonen   
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Jesusberg in Willie Mitchell   
    There's Willie post-concussion issues, talking to a little girl in the stands.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Heroes of Hockeytown in Mike Modano signs with Detroit   
    Yeah, I was expecting something more along the lines of, "I'm going to stick that treacherous ******* dwarf in the dungeon where he belongs." His admission has instead filled me with mirth and merriment.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to cjm502 in Mike Modano signs with Detroit   
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    Lidstrom for life reacted in Blackhawks Lost Money in 2009-2010   
    So... is there a reason this needed a third thread?
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to F2B&G in Blackhawks Like Repeat Chances   
    I agree, their core is still there. Make no mistake, the Central should be very competitive, with Detroit and Chicago vying for the top spot, and Rinne/Halak stealing several games for the Preds and Blues respectively.
    As for the Stanley Cup, a lot of times it's all about who gets hot and when. If Osgood didn't step up to the plate a couple years ago, would Detroit have won in 2008? Would they have had a shot to repeat in 2009 without his play in net?
    Chicago has about as much chance of repeating as Detroit has of getting back to the pinnacle.
    At least we'll all get to make C-bus our *****.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to stevkrause in Kevin Smith   
    There's not a smile emoticon on here that has a big enough smile to properly portray how I feel about this....
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to HankthaTank in Gagne to Lightning   
    This without signing Gagne. More so a statement that will be made for ages.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Z and D for the C in Red Wings Making Play for Modano   
    Dude....they aren't going to sign anyone for another two or three weeks anyway. You're obviously underestimating how valuable he'd be for us on the third line.
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    Lidstrom for life reacted to Aussie_Wing in Tatar a regular for 2010-2011?   
    There's more of a chance that Mursak is a regular in 2010/11 than Tatar, and Mursak has no chance.
    Why rush their development? Mursak will be up next season, Tatar will either be up next season or in 2012/13 when Holmstrom, Bertuzzi and maybe more are all gone.