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    I just home from select-a-seat at the honda center and Bob Murry spoke and said that the Pronger trade to the Kings is not true and was very angry about the rumor, So the trade did not and looks like it will not happen until some of the other UFA's say what they are going to do. That is how I see the Pronger thing.
  2. Congratulations!

    I have to agree with Duck Guy, I am also a Ducks fan. The team that wanted the game more won, I also saw on another trend that some of the Ducks fan were creying about the last goal saying it was on goal and things like that, however it was a good goal and they need to stop their crying. This was one of the best series I have seen in awhile, good luck in the WCF.
  3. Getzlaf

    give me a break, both teams were whining, bitching and moaning about alot of things that happen in this series, that is what hockey is about you play hard for 4 to 7 games and then show the other team that beat you respect, it has been that way for years, if the tables were turned your team would respect the winning team also. So all of the Redwings fans giving Gtez props. good for you and to all the other fans who don't your are not real hockey fans.
  4. I don't know why the other Ducks fans are crying for that was a good goal and I am a big Ducks fan so they need to just take it, the better team and ur team whated it more.
  5. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    intent to injure my foot look at it again, Scotty hits Datstuk on the shoulder. Also look like Hossa with after Getz when he got hooked and Getz just went back after him, if u can handle a little fight then don't go after someone. Datsyuk was holding on to Scotty jersey and Scotty went to hit his hand off and hit him in the shoulder so quit all your crying and get ready for game 7.
  6. Got Attacked at Game 3

    Dude I got the day worng, still am sorry about what happen to you and your friend, hope you are both fine.
  7. Got Attacked at Game 3

    Frist of all I would to say I am sory about what happen to you at the game, that was not call for as I am a Ducks fan it is to bad that a few drunken Ducks fan got out or hand. The game was a really good game even if we lost, hope all is well with you and your friend. Like I said b4 I a really sorry. We lost the game to the better team and I hope for a better game from our team on Sunday. Good luck to the Wings and let the better team win.