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  1. redfan13

  2. Who's Who?

    They are from like 3 or 4 if i remember correctly... Maybe 06-10 or 05-09 ish... Thanks Guys!!
  3. Who's Who?

    Okay so over the years that I've been to TC for training camp, I've gotten a few Autographs. The problem is I was young and didn't think to memorize every single autograph. Of course there are quite a few that I know exactly who they are, but It would be nice to have an exact list of every name on here. And some of them were just prospects, who may have never made the wings, but I've got them too. If anyone wants to throw their Red Wings Expertise out here and try and name some autographs that would be awesome. I have a pic here, I put a letter on every autograph, even the painfully easy ones. If you wanna help out that would be great Thanks!
  4. Red Wings Tattoo

    I don't have anything yet, but I hope to soon get some tattoos on my back as kind of a family tribute. One i was thinking about getting for my brother - A goalie stick with the wings logo on it. We were both goalies in hockey, and both huge wings fans...
  5. Playoff Beard Time!

    As long as my work allows it, i will be growing mine. If so, it will be the first time, every job I've had since i could grow a beard wouldn't allow it.
  6. OHL

    Been to more Spirit games than I have Wings games... Sometimes it's more fun to watch than NHL. Go Spirit!
  7. Post Your Jerseys

    I have two jersey's one is a Datsyuk "A" Jersey (no photo) the other is my prized possession: Hasek Jersey with 30 autographs (Hasek, Osgood, Helm, Zetterberg, Draper, Holmstrom, Howard, Huddler, Lebda, etc...) I've actually forgotten who half them are, as some of them were just prospects Took me quite a while to get this many, and i hope to get many more!
  8. Am I the only one.....

    I'd say the team i dislike the most is Anaheim... The pens, i don't mind except for Crysby... If we're talking rivalry's i'd love to see the Avalanche rivalry pick back up but unfortunately don't see it happening.
  9. Training Camp 2009?

    anyone know when the tickets go on sale? Usually i have someone in TC buy them, but they can't get them this year so i'm gonna have to make plans to go there to get them myself...
  10. Help? - Looking for Finals Tickets Presale Code

    presale? someone plz hook me up??? I was just waiting for normal sales i didn't know there was pre-sales
  11. lets hope canes can steal a game from pens tomorrow

    random question sorda on topic... if they start june 5th which is a friday, you think they will have a game on sunday? I'm looking to go to one and having one on sunday would be perfect...
  12. JLA Parking

    alright thanks for all the help guys!
  13. JLA Parking

    Ok so when the Wings make it to the final round i plan on making it to a game... Problem is i've only been to JLA twice, and both times were on busses, and the bus just dropped us off at the door, and after the game picked us up at the door. I'm going to be driving this time and have no idea where parking is. I tried looking online but can't get any good answers. I wanted to ask to make sure so i don't get lost in detroit and miss the game... I'm coming from up north, i'll have a gps, so if anyone knows the address to the parking garage, that would be awesome! So yea i know probably a stupid question, but any help would be appreciated
  14. Stuffed Octopus

    my local little ceasers (Alpena) sells them... Also last year i got a couple that were thrown in when you bought a 12 pack of coke products at Target...