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  1. As Joey so famously said to Jim Kite, "I'll be seeing You, in all of those old familiar places" - right before He KO'd Him in the biggest KO in NHL History.... Night Boyz !!
  2. What ? For who what where and when ? I love it if it's tonite > IMHO Matt Cooke should have had his a$$ kicked for the Savard Hit - HE WAS THEIR BEST PLAYER ! Joey would have come off of the Bench ! ... Or thrown it !!!
  3. I don't think anyone managed to see it - No Tv. I checked th NHL Network. The Pens Homer Broadcasters said the following : "Bertuzzi landing Right after Right, and ... Orpick not really fighting Back ?!" Then Silence after they Raved about Boulerice clubbing Downey and Talked about it for 10 minutes after the fight. Me thinks Bert Made "Mincemeat" out of Brooks. I really believe after the Moore thing, fellow players really fear Bertuzzi - you know affraid he's going to snap again. I was at camp all 4 Days, and the Man is a Beast, He is just a Moose. I don't know why he's not more aggressive all of the time.
  5. Yes Bert Smoked Orpick, as he should have - I did not see it, but was listening to the Pen's Feed , and Those who called The Downey Scrap so "Vosiferiosly" didn't have much to say about Bert Flexing his muscle.
  6. Cha, As if ?! So were going according to your clock here ? How about you let us all know when and when we can't Talk about the Toughest Man to Ever Lace 'em up. Ther'd be Blood on the Ice if this happened while Probes Patrolled the Pond - that's my point.
  7. Your Right but Orpick is out - Game - my point is : It was a cheap shot on one of our big Goal Scorers, and No Reply in kind ? I know Babs is not that kind of Coach, but C'mon - Probie Rolling Over in his Grave !
  8. It's pre -season Guys , I know we hate losing to "Ciesby and the Phems" but it's only the first game and not a full Roster. Their Best 2 and Not Our Best 2 !
  9. Ok so no one's really going to go after Malkin or something for the Franzen Cheap shot ?
  10. Haven't even Heard it yet 1270 behind in this one
  11. F' Me Ozzie not looking Good Here
  12. hey were did Lil's Go I know I didn't see him at camp
  13. Clarification : Aaron was in the Box after the scrap with Boulerice, and all I had was the Pittsburgh Feed at that time - and those guys are worse homers than Ken and Mickey. I would like to see the scrap to judge how bad the "Defeat" was. So Downey could not have pummeled Orpick, because he was in the Box. I think Bert Did a Good Job in His Place, because the Pens Broadcasters were calling it and all I heard was "Bertuzzi landing rights and Orpick not fighting back" - and no follow up comments. So Bert probably stood tall in this scrap. Would you want to Fight him ?
  14. First Cooke , (What a Joke - Cost the Bruins an Advance in the PO's last year) and Now Orpick . It sucks because I really liked him in the Olympics, but I want to see it. I hope the Mule is not out for Long !