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  1. Center Ice doesn't carry games that are on Versus or NHL network.... Probably trying to keep you from dropping the Dish until you find out.
  2. NHL Network's hour-long pregame show has been good tonight if you get it. Larry Murph is one of the co-hosts... and they've interviewed Stevie Y, Homer, etc... all from today.
  3. Don't know if it's been mentioned here, but it was stated on the NHL Network pregame coverage that the Wings have had some flu going through the locker room. It's the first I've heard that said. Let's hope they can push through and be fine.
  4. I think all the games in just a few days are finally catching up to them....... That being said---- we can still just win the home games and be fine.
  5. NHL Network pregame hour is very good.... They haven't said anything yet but it's a delayed program.
  6. There's no reason to get worked up about "biased" announcers. Also remember, NBC, etc. would like to have some ratings if they get to show another game.... I'm sure they say some of this stuff so that the casual sports fan tuning in will get the idea that there's still a reason to watch even though the Wings swept the first 2 games.
  7. GDT

    Wow.... we haven't had a good chance in a long time... nothing but long easy shots with no one to grab a rebound when it happens.
  8. These TSN announcers are great... Tons of insight and no drama and no bias.
  9. When a game's on NHL network, Center Ice doesn't show it. It's been that way all through the regular season so it must be part of a deal they have. ...but NHL network is just showing the TSN coverage today, so it's a shame that CI can't pick it up too.