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  1. holland sign hudler to a 1.7 million for 3 years
  2. so can we sign hudler and sammuelsson and leino and plus hossa never produce in the playoffs and how much cap room do we have? holland will make the team right for next year he alwyas does a good job! Go wings Go bye hossa
  3. ya my dad was talking to me like a month ago and he said mabye alexander oveckin is on steroids because if u watch his mood swings change a lot so mabye but u never know so..... i might be wrong though
  4. anahiem is pressureing datsyuk more than franzen so lets hope he produces in game 7 lets win i hate anahiem. GO WINGS GO
  5. we should let go hossa and sign hudler, sammuelsson ,conklin and leino because idk about howard hes not that good what about larsson coming up but we should do that because we won the cup last year without hossa and i know hossa was a great addition but we should do this
  6. is there like a group of ppl that go to the red wings road games cause if there is cheer as loud as you can
  7. come on wings lets go win tonight and then play chicago come on boys and come on rafalski be in the lineup tonight u can do it guys u guys can finish it tonight lets go wings!!