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  1. (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

    Babcock was on AM 760 this morning and said that he was told the schedule for the first 4 games would be: Friday night @ SJ Sunday afternoon @ SJ Wednesday night @ Det Friday night @ Det This is great news for those of us with M-F 8-5 jobs!
  2. Crosby looking lethal

    I like your thinking, but there are a couple significant mistakes in your analysis. Yes, this is true. Coefficient of static friction for ice is certainly low, but definitely quantifiable;jsessionid=3A5F1E9812E840606F7F43C5E35A3EAC.c2. If it were truly zero, then any amount of horizontal force applied to the net would set it in motion. This is incorrect. Draw a free body diagram of the net. Downward gravitational force by itself will do nothing to resist horizontal motion of the net. It is only the force of friction that will resist the motion. We can assume a static coefficient of friction somewhere around 0.05 based on the article abstract I linked. I corrected the above calculations accordingly. Yes, I'm with you. No. Neglecting air resistance, no work is done while the puck is flying through the air. Work is done on the net only while the puck is making contact with it. So most of the kinetic energy is transferred to the net over a distance of a foot or so (however much the net stretches). . Corrected this calculation as well. The force exerted on the net is roughly 140 lbf, which seems pretty reasonable to me for a shot of that velocity. I think it's perfectly reasonable that the net could move. However, it should be kept in mind that the assumptions for coefficient of friction and the distance over which the puck energy is transferred to the net are just ballpark estimates, and even slight changes to the values can drastically change the results. The other huge simplification of the problem is the transfer of puck energy to the net. In reality, it will not be linear. The force exerted will start very small as the puck first makes contact with the net. As the net stretches, tension in the strings will start to pull harder on the metal frame. The force exerted by the puck is growing, but at the same time its kinetic energy is decreasing since it is being slowed down. It is likely at a given point in time, the instantaneous force might be even higher than 140 lbf, but for most of the time the puck is in contact, the force would be significantly lower.
  3. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    Apparently the Wings lost 3-1. Look at the 2nd period scoring according to ESPN: Matt Cooke unassisted goal?
  4. Thanks, Red Wings

    Yes, thanks for another great season Wings! It's hard to complain about the past three seasons: WCF, Stanley Cup Champs, SCF. I hear fireworks going off nearby. I guess people figured they'd shoot them off anyway...
  5. Fate of the Joe

    A new arena is sorely needed. Nightfall is right about the restroom situation. My wife was pregnant for most of this winter, and the long wait for the restrooms was the main reason that we decided not to go to a game this year (for those who aren't aware, pregnant women need to go A LOT and can't wait long). I think it's pretty sad when the restrooms become an important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase tickets. Also, I'm sure most of you have noticed that at the start of the 2nd and 3rd periods, about a quarter to half of the seats in the arena are empty, even during these SCF games. The reason is that the people can't even go to the restroom and get back to their seats before the intermission is over. Heck, even if you leave two minutes before the period ends, you'll be very lucky to make it back by the start of the next period. And God forbid if you want to use the restroom AND buy a beer. You'll be lucky to get back to your seat before the first commercial break of the period.
  6. Nice Mike Babcock interview

    Great interview. Thanks for posting.
  7. Thanks Ken & Mickey

    I'm pretty sure he said "s***tin". My father-in-law first noticed it and called me to laugh about it. I then rewound it at least a dozen times, and also had my wife listen. All 3 of us are pretty convinced that he said "s***tin". I think you can clearly hear the "shh" sound, but Ken is talking at the same time, making it a bit difficult to say for sure.
  8. 2009 WCSF GAME 7: Ducks 3 at Red Wings 4

    Anyone else hear Mickey say "You gotta be s***tin' me!?" when Osgood deflected the puck into the netting with ~5 seconds left? LMAO! That guy cracks me up. He must have been on edge just like the rest of us and fearing the worst from a face off deep in the zone.
  9. Pre Game 7 Music to BLAST

    My instrumental metal song. I believe the title and mood of the song fits this game quite well. Also I'm sporting a Wings shirt. "The Rising":
  10. Why do you like the Red Wings?

    Some great stories here. Mine pales in comparison. As my username suggests, I lived in Columbus for most of my life and graduated from OSU. However, I never really followed any of the Ohio pro sports teams (just the Buckeyes), because I was born in New York and raised as a fan of the New York teams. I never really watched hockey, even when the Blue Jackets arrived in Columbus. After graduating from OSU in 2003, my wife and I moved to Detroit where I took a job in the automotive industry (great decision, huh? ). Anyhow, it was hard not to be drawn in by the Wings hoopla. I couldn't believe how many Winged Wheel emblems I saw on cars, flags, etc. My wife and I bought a few pairs of Wings tickets at a charity auction during our first year up here (neither of us had been to a hockey game before). We really enjoyed watching the games, and I realized just how awesome the game of hockey is to watch. I started watching most of the games on FSD, and was really drawn in. I was getting very interested in the team and sport just in time for second-round exit from the playoffs, followed by the lockout! Since then I have become a huge fan, watching 65-75 regular season games each season, and of course all of the playoff games. My family thinks I'm crazy for staying up and watching these 10-10:30pm playoff games out West on weeknights!