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  1. This was the dumbest post. Ozzy was clutch. We lost because we didn't produce offensively.
  2. I have been looking at others much this playoffs, but having a shut out with the series tied 2-2 speaks for itself even if Z was shutting Crosby down. If we win it should go to Ozzie.
  3. Excellent point. Couldn't agree more.
  4. While I may not necissarily think that Osgood is OUR MVP this playoffs, it is definitely between him, crosby and malkin for the Conn Smythe. No Wings player have simply put up numbers enough to compete with them this year.
  5. While not surprised, it makes me happy seeing Lids voted second best player and only defenseman in the top5. Shouldn't get the Norris this year says who? :/
  6. Loving the Franzen hat trick.
  7. Not trying to belittle Osgoods performance in the playoffs so far, he has been absolutely stellar, but I think many people are just looking at his improvement since the regular season. And rightfully so, but then we obviously have Lids who will play at his highest and best standards throughout the regular season and playoffs. Silently dominating, and I think people are overlooking that fact that just because his game hasn't necissarily improved as much since the regular season it is just because there isn't much improvement to be done in the way he is playing against the other teams top lines.
  8. Hossa has been one of my favorite Wings this year, the way he has come in and produced has been amazing. If the numbers adds up in the end then I would love to keep him, but I don't count on him being a Wing next year. Would love for him to get to win this cup though, not only as a Detroit fan but for the work ethic and morale he has shown he is definitely worth it. Did anyone catch the interview with him before the game when they asked him something like "Coming to Detroit to win the cup would losing this game spoil it all?" or something similar. Anyone else hoped he would drop a bomb saying that there will always be the next year with the Wings?
  9. Let's just debunk this before people catches on. On the replay you could see the ref standing in the corner next to the hit raising his arm almost immediately - the call was there from the start. That said, I do agree some situations last night made me upset and they definitely weren't consistent.
  10. Did we watch the same series? He was great in this series. I still don't like him but he was playing like a beast. Agreed with OP that it is too early to start making those kinds of comparisons yet though.
  11. Not playing better than expected is underachieving now?