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  1. Will Dan Markov have influence on Andre?

    What does Danny Markov have to do with this? Other than sharing a last name and both being russian, I don't believe they are related.
  2. McCarty & Claude Lemieux on TSN's OTR

    Does anybody know what Lemieux said to Mac in Dallas? It was pretty dumb that they interrupted Mac for that question.
  3. Jason Williams. Why?

    Maybe I'm still blinded by the hate that I had of this signing. Or perhaps I don't like that he doesn't have the stickhandling ability of Samuelsson or Hudler. But hey if everybody says he's been great, I'll take a closer look at his play.
  4. Jason Williams. Why?

    I've been away from this board for a couple weeks so pardon me if I'm saying anything that's already been said. But does Jason Williams actually do anything other than skate up and down the ice with his teammates? I hated this signing when it was first done, I now hate it even more. I know people people on this board hated the mention of Afinogenov. But at least Afinogenov has the ability to play the Red Wings puck possession system. Jason Williams looks like he's never played hockey with a puck before.
  5. Sykora Possibly Coming To Detroit?

    I live in NY, I get to see Blair Betts play all the time. He is a guy the wings need to go after. He's a great penalty killer and a hard worker. Given how bad our PK was last year, I say make an offer to Betts. The guy can skate and always makes the right play.
  6. What about Afinogenov?

    Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking. If you watch this guy. When he pursues a puck he can be relentless and he can be a feisty guy. His effort admittedly is inconsistent but surround him with fellow Russian Datsyuk and a leader like Lidstrom. I think this guy's a winner. He is the same size as Huds but way more solid with the puck.
  7. What about Afinogenov?

    Did he really sign with Florida, I don't see this anywhere on the web?
  8. What about Afinogenov?

    I know he wasn't loved by Ruff in Buffalo. But the guy had a lot of fans. In my opinion he'll fit right into the Detroit system. The guy is a amazing skater and handles the puck really well. His defensive play may be suspect. But I don't believe that is anything Babs can't fix or at least work with. What do you guys think?
  9. How sad are you at the moment?

    PISSED!! The fact that the pens were the more deserving team means nothing to me. I also would have rather not see kronner hit the crossbar.
  10. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    what pisses me off is we're not losing from being absolutely dominated. Its the stupid turnovers. Are any detroit forwards going to learn to properly cover for a dman who's pinching? Last game it was filpula, this game its hudler.
  11. Does anyone know of a Red Wings bar in Manhattan...

    I live in Manhattan and I haven't found a spot with more Red Wing fans than ESPN Zone during the finals.
  12. Marian Hossa Discussions

    So I get it. Hossa's not producing on the offensive side. I don't actually think he coughs up the puck as some has said. I think he's quite good defensively. I know he gets paid a lot of money which is why fans are jumping on him. But I also know there is not another person on this board or anywhere on this planet who wants Marian Hossa to score a goal more than Marian Hossa. Some people speak about him as if he planned to ride on the coat tails of Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. I'm sure he goes out there each game thinking he'll produce and tries to produce.
  13. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Although I do think the Pengs got away with what could have been penalties. I also think the refs were consistent with letting the players play as long as they were clean hits. I have no real complaints, the pens beat the wings last night. And that's the way I prefer it if the wings lose. If the wings are going to lose I want them to get beat by their opponents and not the refs. With that said, there are no two hockey players I have more faith in than Hank and Pavel. I hope the rest of the team shows up this time. Hank and Pavel always shows up regardless of the situation.
  14. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    I think the Wings showing in game 6 was awful. On a general hockey scale it wasn't terrible. But its game 6 of the finals with a chance to finish it off and that's what they show. They had no jump. They had no sense of urgency. Other than Hank, Datsyuk and their energy line, nobody showed up to play.
  15. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    You cannot tell me all of the calls against pittsburgh were not well deserved. Elbow to the head of franzen, slashing Hank, hacking at injured Datsyuk's ankle, blatant hook on hossa?