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  1. Offense wins games. Defense wins championships
  2. The better question is this... When the opposing team's best player (most hated player), say, Tyler Johnson just picked up the loose puck from the boards and is heading up their blueline and his head is down. His eyes are on the puck and he's speeding up. Who would be the defenseman you would want to meet him at that blue line?
  3. Our young team took the hawks to 7the game ot. They eventually won the cup. I don't think TB will win the cup but damn it's nice to know that even at our team's low points, they still manage to be competitive. Proud of the Wings.
  4. imagine phaneuf and lucic in a wings jersey. ha! would never happen. none of them are named dan cleary
  5. I got my own beer league game to play. Can't miss that. Atleast the reffing is consistent even if it's horrendous.
  6. hat trick for luke. wings win
  7. Time for our rookies to step up.
  8. This is how emergency personnel, military, etc go through, as well with PTSD. It's almost as if you sacrifice everything you have and there's no appreciation at the end of it. As much as everyone hates Carcillo as a hockey player, you can't deny his taking responsibility now for future players. It's commendable. Great job Carcillo, if you ever read this.
  9. gdt

    when u let in 3 goals in the first you sort of make it harder on yourself
  10. gdt

    The kids are nervous. You can tell. Oh well. Next period