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  1. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    GO WINGS!!!!
  2. Joe Sings Too

    Two chants have ruled the Joe this playoffs: Let's Go Red Wings! and Ozz-ie! This is the first year in maybe the last twelve that they didn't get ushers to split the Joe with one side yelling GO! and the other, WINGS! That was my fave, actually, so if fans can get that going on their own, awesome. I tried to get STAN-LEY! going right before Game 1 vs. Columbus; didn't have many takers. I think EVERYBODY should be yelling MUUUUUUUUUULE! more often. But given Detroit's love of the Wings, music and alcohol, others must have some dream playlist of things they'd like to hear chanted at the Joe. Please share. For example, I'd really dig hearing (in tune, and when appropriate): Where have all the Crosby's gone? Long time, passing. Where have all the Malkin's gone? Long time ago. Where have all the Penguins gone? Wings pound them, every one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?
  3. Quietly the Playoff King

    Stuart is a beast. I heard he went to the same (Manchurian) doctor that Sammy saw last year.
  4. Quietly the Playoff King

    You won't hear me mention Conn Smythe... 1) We're only halfway through. 2) I'm incredibly superstitious. But as forum after forum discusses the best performers in this year's NHL playoffs, one name is noticeably absent: Captain Super, Nick Lidstrom. I think of #5 as a magician; he makes opposing players and offensive rushes simply disappear. Too often though, his slight of hand (and stick) is too quick to be paid proper notice. He pulls dozens of tricks a game, and most aren't fancy, just effective. So let's look at the numbers... 11 games played, 11 points (3G, 8A). Scored pts in 7 of 11 games. First goal of playoffs (vs. Columbus), 2 goals in first game vs. Anaheim (including game-winner). Ranks 4th in avg ice-time. One of only 4 D-men in Anaheim series (both teams) to post a plus (the others being Ericsson, who partnered with him, Kronwall and Stuart). Avg shots against/game, 27.5 (ranks 3rd behind SJ and Chi; 27.7 during reg season ranked 2nd behind SJ) One penalty. So, what is this thread? Just some homage to the six-time Norris winner? A 'please note...' memo to Wings fans and hockey fans? Yeah, I suppose it is. Because--see 1) and 2)--who's more deserving?...