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  1. go wings!
  2. From the author's facebook profile: I will certainly agree with the 'not as smart' part, but disagree with the 'not as hopeless' part. Gotta love the bitterness stemming from having a s*** team for such a long time.
  3. good season wings. i dont know how they get over the awful refereeing. itd be great to catch bertuzzi and holmstrom at a bar venting away these garbage calls.
  4. SJS/DET: 2-4 CHI/VAN: 3-4 PIT/MTL: 4-2 BOS/PHI: 4-3
  5. lets get it done. doan returns and scores 2 own goals.
  6. yea i think so
  7. SJS/COL 4-2 CHI/NSH 4-3 VAN/LAK 4-2 PHX/DET 2-4 WAS/MTL 4-0 NJD/PHI 4-1 BUF/BOS 2-4 PIT/OTT 4-1 Western Conference Winner: Detroit Eastern Conference Winner: Washington Stanley Cup Finals Winner: Detroit
  8. Any ideas why I am banned from the chat on your site? I've never used the chat before, so I'm not sure what happened.
  9. does anyone have the password to the stream?
  10. San Jose, and hope Vancouver gets eliminated by whoever in the first round. After that, I am pretty certain we can go far.
  11. could someone please post a link to a stream? can't seem to find it on nbc. thanks