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  1. If you go to Motorcity casino and get a players card which are free, or if you stay in the hotel you can get a shuttle from motorcity to the joe for free. Nemo's or capt nemo's (I forget the name) is a bar off of michigan ave that will transport you there for a few dollars also.
  2. I see where you're coming from cprice, you have a right to be excited. I have no problem with the Blues, good luck to them this season. I wished the wings would of picked up Halak, seeing what he did to Caps and Pens was nice. Especially because I really hate crybaby crosby.
  3. TBH, they're still "s***ty" to me. a quote taken from the article in the OP "The Hawks have only 15 points in their first 15 games of their Stanley Cup defense" So if they average 1 point a game for 82 games, and if you watch hockey just the slightest bit you'll know 82 points isn't enough to get you in to the playoffs in the west. oh and btw you've played 2-6 more games than EVERYONE else in the nhl.
  4. I lmao
  5. I'll be at the game, Hopefully we can rebound from the Canucks loss.
  6. I liked Gilchrist while he was with the wings.
  7. If it were based on this years stats Tim Thomas would be my pick. 0.75 GAA, only 3 goals allowed and 4-0 record. If not based on this years stats then I'd pick Bryzgalov or Howard. Just 2 goalies I happen to be a fan of.
  8. Of course all in their primes Tyler Myers Ryan Smith mike cammalleri milan hejduk Paul Kariya Scott Stevens
  9. Didn't click the article but reading the OP i thought it was real and began to get pissed.
  10. But Chicago will be alright, they still have their core (sarcastic)
  11. This doesn't surprise me, Chris Illitch has had season tickets on the floor for the last 20 years.
  12. I have to agree, very down to earth guy, one of the nicest Wings i've ever spoken to, during the 08 cup run i've talked to him many of times in the hotel lobby of MotorCity Casino. I hope he finds an office or coaching job even if its not in the NHL. Good luck
  13. I tried to comment but i'm not paying money to him just to tell him he's a dumbazz. also Wings got swept last year ? News to me.
  14. I don't think Boynton ment any harm. He did say "f" that while skating off the ice doing the gesture, still no reason to suspend him imo. But Chris Benoit strangled his wife, suffocated his 7-year-old son then hung himself.