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  1. LOL at the Sharks

    Because the Lions, Pistons and Tigers are world beaters.
  2. Suspend Hossa?

    People need to understand that Ovechkin was a repeat offender. He already had 2 game misconducts before, so with that game misconduct he was going to be suspended anyways. He got the extra game because of his intent, and the final result of what happened. As big as a double-standard as that is, whether a player dies or not seems to factor in to how severely they are punished.
  3. Suspend Hossa?

    It was a 5 minute major. Not a 5 minute major with a game misconduct infraction. The Hawks killed off the penalty in OT, and Hossa came right out of the box onto the ice. And no I don't believe the intent was the same. Its a physical sport in a playoff game. Both guys were racing and fighting for the puck which is what you should do. In the Ovi situation he shoved Campbell into the boards after Campbell had already got rid of the puck. Ovi probably could have been awarded the leeway to finish a check, but Ovi made the mistake of actually following through, which is why it turned out as bad as it did.
  4. Suspend Hossa?

    Ovie had already gotten 2 game misconducts earlier in the season, so it was auto suspension for him after he got the 3rd game misconduct.
  5. Suspend Hossa?

    I'm struggling to see how this was the "EXACT SAME HIT AS OVECHKIN LAID DOWN ON CAMPBELL"... Ovi with 2 hands shoved Campbell into the boards from behind AFTER Campbell gets rid of the puck. In this situation both Hamhuis and Hossa are racin for the puck. Hossa gave Hamuhis a light nudge from behind, and he must have blew a tire. 99% of the time I doubt an NHL calibur skater would take that bad of a fall from a 1 handed nudge unless they blew a tire. I could understand if the NHL definitely suspended Hossa for a game, because it sets a precedent and gives leeway for more thing's like this to happen. But for the NHL to suspend Hossa they would have to admit that they fluffed up, and should have kicked him out of the game right then, rather than allowing him to come back and score the game winning goal.
  6. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Going on all 3 sites, all give the slight edge to Versteeg to push-versteeg, but bleh. Its a ******* hockey fight. Better thing's to argue about
  7. 12/23 GDT: Blackhawks 3 at Red Wings 0

    Goalies stand on their head. Duncan Keith reverts back to his Live Grenade Puck handling. Stuff happens. Good luck to the Sharks and Nabokov if they can withstand being out shot 3:1 over 7 games. They'd deserve to finally win a Cup
  8. Chicago routs San Jose 7-2

    Dude had an injured shoulder, and couldn't even stretch his arm above his head. If playing with an injury like that isn't hard work, then I don't know what consitutes hard work