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    Wings V. Hawks. Early predictions

    Long time listener, first time poster. I've been a fan since Yzerman, Probert, Joe Murphy, Adam Graves, Jeff Sharples and Petr Klima got knocked out of the playoffs by the powerful Edmonton Oilers. I watched Borchevsky score the series winner against the Wings. I watched NJ beat out the favored Wings. I watched the Avs beat the Wings the following year. (I was as happy as all you guys (and gals) when Stevie hoisted the Cup for the first time in 97, then again in 98, again in 2002 and Lidstrom doing the same last year) I watched as Giguere, Kipper and Roloson stood on their heads to beat out the mighty Wings (I haven't forgiven Williams for taking that stupid penalty against the Oilers in Stevie's last game). I was pissed when Franzen didn't clear the zone last year and the Pens won in OT. Anything can happen. The Hawks look good. I just hope our boys aren't too tired or take the young Hawks too lightly.