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  1. The guy is right for the most part. The last two post seasons have been nothing but whining about officiating when we've faced San Jose. Whenever things don't go our way everybody cries about the officiating. It's getting old.
  2. Did you watch them play the Ducks? Those were some exciting games.
  3. Normally that's true, but Vancouver has never won anything worthwhile yet their fans still act like arrogant dips***s. How does that work?
  4. Good call, I can't believe I forgot about this. The puck could even deflect off a defender out front and go wide of the goal and those idiots still chant Luuuuuu like he did anything. Or like you said the puck hits him right in the chest and they chant like it actually took any effort to save it. For a fanbase that claims to be knowledgeable there sure are a lot of morons.
  5. Fisher, Weber, and Suter will shut down the Sedins and Rinne will take care of the rest. Nashville is getting Erat back and I think coming off their first series win will fire them up enough to take the series.
  6. Their organization whines almost as much as their fans, Sedins dive, Burrows dives, Luongo dives a lot, the fanbase overall is annoying and always talk up their team which has never won anything, stupid logo, weak coaching, and basically the opposite of the Detroit Red Wings.
  7. /\ That makes more sense. When I read that they went double or nothing I was wondering why the hell Turco would have money on him at all, let alone multiple $5 bills.
  8. How can he possibly argue that he thought it was the opposing player? I'd say expulsion from the league. Hilarious though.
  9. I wonder if they take PayPal.
  10. I was cracking up when Kessel just kept climbing the steps while the gaylord with the microphone kept calling him down. I hope they do the all-star draft like this every year.
  11. The voted off the island joke at least two times? Really?
  12. Pervert.
  13. lol @ people saying this The ASG is like a glorified free skate. Their practices are 10x harder on them than the ASG will ever be. Nick will be fine.
  14. Does anyone know if the individual team goal horns are copyrighted?