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  1. Unless your ovechkin
  2. this is the NHL network, which is playing CHI VS PIT.
  3. this is the NHL network, which is playing CHI VS PIT. unles it will change once the 2nd starts.
  4. I want to Believe.....So wings make me Believe!!!!!!!
  5. oh, I knew I should of read all the other post. That really sucks, why are the Caps and TB having back to back games?
  6. It will most likely be on NHL network. That's how it work in the first round.
  7. Wings always seem to play bad when Ozzy is in goal.
  8. Well DirecTV will be at my house next Monday, so I only have to watch the first two games on my computer. in a way I'm really happy dish Network did this, I found DirecTV. I will be getting 10x the amount of stuff for less money with DirecTV, then I got with dish Network.
  9. ok thanks, center ice hasn't kick in yet in the US.
  10. is it going to be on center ice??
  11. 2010-11 PRE-SEASON DATE DAY OPPONENT SITE TIME (ET) TV/RADIO September 22 Wed. At Pittsburgh CONSOL Energy Center 7:00 97.1 The Ticket 24 Fri. CHICAGO Joe Louis Arena 7:00 97.1 The Ticket 25 Sat. At Chicago United Center 7:00 97.1 The Ticket 26 Sun. NY RANGERS Joe Louis Arena 5:00 FSD 29 Wed. At NY Rangers Madison Square Garden 7:00 97.1 The Ticket October 1 Fri. TORONTO Joe Louis Arena 7:00 FS Plus/97.1 The Ticket 2 Sat. At Toronto Air Canada Centre 7:00 3 Sun. PITTSBURGH Joe Louis Arena 5:00 FSD http://redwings.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=536911
  12. They can because they think they can. ~Virgil~ Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. ~Thomas Jefferson~
  13. No more three on five. Oh and its great they don't play on a sunday this time!!!!!
  14. Murray meet Karma...Karma meet Murray.
  15. Our father who art in Detroit. Hockey be thy name. Thy will be done. The cup will be won. On ice, as well as in the stands. Give us this day our hockey sticks. And forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross-check against us, Lead us not into elimination. But deliver us to victory. In the name of the fans, ...Lord Stanley, and in the name of the Wings. Amen. Gooooo Wings!!!! ♥