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  1. VAN/LAK: 4-0 STL/SJS: 3-4 PHX/CHI: 2-4 NSH/DET: 3-4 NYR/OTT: 4-2 BOS/WSH: 4-1 FLA/NJD: 1-4 PIT/PHI: 4-3 WC Champion: Vancouver Canucks EC Champion: Pittsburg Penguins SCF Champion: Pittsburg Penguins
  2. Yeah well he ran out of gas during the semi-finals.
  3. The topic title is misleading.
  4. f**'em! That match-up sucks. I'm cheering for Tampa! Go Yzerman!
  5. As much as we love him, I think he's over payed. Time to go Nick, and built this franchise with the other Nick.
  6. f***.
  7. What was that call by the refs? (Datsyuk's penalty) Are you ****** kidding!
  8. Oh man! 2-0? I'm at work... Are they playing that bad?
  9. Sharks win 56-0. Pavelski with 45 of the 56 goals and he scores them while diving. Go Sharks!
  10. Me like
  11. You want bandwagon fans? Go to Nashville. Lol they're throwing catfish? Haha
  12. Nice website... kidding Go Wings!